Bitcoin banking? I was stupid or foolish of you

Yes, things just happen soon. Bitcoin once again fell, and just in the first month, I saw a friend from the WeChat circle of friends, send about bitcoin return shots, and just a sum of money at hand, immediately ran to ask.

I said: “you have money?” “Do not play ah, is an old classmate before we can quantify transactions, you can ask him” A light way to students. The old classmates he just mentioned, I remember, before there after dinner, so immediately in the list of friends found him and asked some questions.

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“Generally is how much investment? Return?” I’ll go straight to ask, because I had nothing to hide.

“10000 yuan investment income, hovering between 0.5~1 points every day.” You can see the profit how rich, that is to say, one month down fixed income in about 1000 to 3000, you get thousands of salary plus the money, plus the trust of friends, they have done a few months, the return of the screenshot I also see, so you must cast a try.

Then I asked: “what time can reflect?” Well, but each of you put a pen, I will extract relative profits, this is what he said to me at the time. I was just simple, even if you fall, I can also monitor, and then put the money out, also not much loss. But because of the author’s ignorance, the causes of the tragedy.

At that time, I asked him, hung up the phone and went to the balcony, the thread of thoughts, his hands have the money is right, but also the relationship where friends than I put more investment, the more the monthly living expenses are also more, so they can also improve the quality of life at that time, I think so. But I was the very next day morning and asked his account, directly hit 10000 in the past, think so, take a look at one month of gains, if good, try again for another.

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In 10000 yuan into the 1 day of 11 month, that a week is no feeling, think of money should be changed, and then on the 15 day of the first two pen input – – – – – – two pen pen… I also feel happy too, find the financial management of the project, but did not expect that, in the 11 on the night of October 20 18:00, friends, feel shy, full blown up.

The Internet Internet

Perhaps that was the expression. Deep breath, all gone? “No, no” my friend many years of hard work at that moment all boondoggle, he has played for several years, the investment of about 30 million, the thought of this two years, just keep it.

Who can expect this bubble, what time will make yourself killed? I tell you the Internet small Taoist priest, we see you next time!

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