Bitcoin began to fall behind, what hidden secret? The reason may be that the reality!

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Bitcoin crash, what is the reason?! Maybe the bitcoin cash hard bifurcation, leads to distrust of bitcoin, bitcoin may be a continuation of the cycle of adjustment, bigger factor may be the process to get rich quickly through the so-called “blockchain” shuffle.

No matter what for, there are up and down, have high low, any development of the commodity economy is cyclical, the cycle of bitcoin is designed by Nakamoto bitcoin, by each half to drive. Understand this truth will be unmoved either by gain or loss.

This fall, still believe that bitcoin is a rising trend in adjustment, also proves that bitcoin is no bubble, “pseudo block chain” is the real bubble.

After the collapse of bitcoin will not die, but many pseudo block chain “goodbye, this is where the significance of the crash. In fact, the life of people met a may start from the bottom of this era of subversion too many things, why do we miss?

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