Bitcoin behind the story: do you know how to bitcoin Logo?

This clever ten years ago published his paper, and mining in more than two months after the genesis of bitcoin block, there is still a lot to the construction of local. No wallet, no block miners, no exchange, actually did not even exchange rate. No more symbols to represent bitcoin.

Logo is the first launch of bitcoin Nakamoto for the design of the first bitcoin customers, is a gold letter containing BC. However, at the beginning of 2010, when about in a small community began, we began to discuss the use of a unified code in Unicode to represent the original encrypted bitcoin currency.

The evolution of bitcoin logo

I suggest we adopt the baht currency symbol

As the official bitcoin currency symbol and BTC three letters as the official bitcoin currency code.” Bitcointalk forum member “NewLibertyStandard” wrote in February 5, 2010. (this four months ago, the same person use real money to buy the first bitcoin, $5.02 to buy 5050 bitcoin. ) then the community a heated discussion, some users worry that the baht symbol will cause unnecessary confusion.

The first bitcoin client, the upper left corner in the Cong BC logo

The new symbol of the new era

In November 1, 2010, the forum user “bitboy” share in the new design of the bitcoin logo, with white symbols and orange background presented together, and clockwise 14% (below), continues today. “Interestingly, according to some theories, the dollar symbol originated from two bars, rather than a.” Hal Finney (pioneer bitcoin) prior to the NewLibertyStandard design of the symbol said. At the time of 2011 years, progress is very slow and talk things.

A bitcoin sign, in contrast, bitcoin cash mark inclined in the opposite way

Even if the Nakamoto time plays a benevolent ruler, but bitcoin is still lack of long-term management, should adopt what kind of symbols on almost no consensus. In the middle of the 2011 poll, however, see the forum users to vote for an overwhelming majority, until a few years later, that is June 2017, bitcoin finally won the Unicode symbol of his own.

Interestingly, the word “bitcoin” did not appear in the text of the Cong groundbreaking white paper, but only in the title and name appear just below the domain name in.Org. Bitcoin, either BTC, XBT or other brand name, has never been about – but about changing the world.

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