Bitcoin bill payment service has gone global

Bitcoin bill payment service has gone global

For different kinds of bill payment needs, at present, many countries in the world have created bitcoin bill payment service, from the purchase necessities of life to pay the taxes can be achieved. These services from various organizational units to develop their own bitcoin payment system.

Australia’s Living Room of Satoshi to make bitcoin payments to all users of the BPAY network in the country. The BPAY bill payment system allows people to pay by mobile phone or network, with the help of Living Room of Satoshi service can realize the government departments and commercial bill payment. Argentina enBitcoins at present but also by the other three bill payment service providers assist to complete their business, the company plans to independently handle the payment of future orders. Mexico Pademobile is an international electronic wallet service, the user through the iOS app can use bitcoin to pay the daily expenses.

Some Southeast Asian countries have launched this service. Singapore Quantified can meet the bill from the government to the company out of the payment. Indonesia TuKarCash is a payment gateway, can handle a variety of payment accounts including bitcoin, the daily expenses bill. Thailand’s Bahtcoin as a transaction processing system, can also satisfy the user usually the payment.

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