Bitcoin bitcoin crash, you were fired for “”!

Since the recent bitcoin prices plunged, investors lose to dumbfounded. Someone in the bitcoin value when the highest savings but now has invested a lot of loss to lose everything. Jumping type of the bitcoin fell so many game player with shrinking assets and even shake off, senior currency assets shrink ring game player over 85%, directly declared “bankruptcy” is not. Bitcoin has fallen below the cost price, the highest when compared to its market, fell by more than 76%, far more than is the extent of the cut. When you like a raging fire in the bitcoin speculation, may not think there will be a day of being “money” speculation.

In recent years, virtual currency investment circle after another, bright future blockchain is “coin circle” on new heights. This is history in the business circle since it is rare to see the extent of popular. A few years ago in the bitcoin market, can be said to be “an exaggeration to coin a villa”, the investment value is remarkable. In just 7 years time, bitcoin prices rose four million times, the bitcoin rally crazy far beyond human imagination. But today is surprising. Do you think you are playing the master degree of currency, but this is not the cruel game you can imagine.

Remember that when bitcoin monetary value is produced for the first time in 2010, an American programmer bought a pizza 2 paid 10000 coins, the equivalent of a bitcoin value of $0.0025. And now the bitcoin price has more than $2000. The property market is not money crazy circle. Many people believe this myth, this is hard currency is stiffer than the house. While bitcoin rapidly provoke a sensitive nerve of all investors. Who want to seize the wealth of the air, everyone put bitcoin as wealth across the class ladder, lest they miss the opportunity to reshuffle the wealth.

In 2017, bitcoin has created countless wealth myth, Li Xiaolai is one of them. He was the “Wall Street journal” as China bitcoin has the largest number of people, Li Xiaolai also lay one of the richest man in the bitcoin position. According to the number of his coins for the number 6, the most conservative estimate is worth more than 10 billion yuan. Who does not envy, who is willing to miss. In fact, in addition to Li Xiaolai, there are a lot of rich bitcoin, but more low-key, the assets are transferred to overseas or Tibet is rich, so we see is only a small part of. In the most crazy time, bitcoin RMB transactions total turnover accounted for 98%, visible Chinese currency speculation investment admission number.

In fact, the virtual currency bitcoin, and all the flower drum Ponzi scheme is very similar. As the bitcoin virtual currency is not the currency credit value, behind there is no corresponding real money to support the price. Since bitcoin does not have the real value of money, but is made out of the code block chain. Many people want to use bitcoin money, if you can before the collapse, buy low and sell high you earned, but if you are a man of the disk crash, you will suffer heavy losses.

How many people are directed to bitcoin value for itself, but is the bitcoin as a concept of hot, through the transfer between the profits to harvest the wealth of others. Even the bull ring coins are the rich that creates the illusion of the bitcoin between countries to achieve the transfer of assets. But outsiders at the circle hot is a plunge in, in the Ponzi scheme as the last disk access man.

In this year the state foreign exchange control and strict control, also strengthen the supervision for the virtual currency, a large number of people began harvesting leek clearing bitcoin departure. The dollar also led to dollar denominated bitcoin prices fell accordingly. Coin circle chiefs have received sound switch, a large number of holdings. Under the various forces of the siege, the Ponzi scheme finally collapsed. Now you can quote, had invited Gloria Tang to sing the blockchain lyrics, all foam.

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