Bitcoin Bitcoin: I’ve told you that you’ve been in a high position.

Although bitcoin prices have fallen sharply since the end of 2017, nearly $20 thousand, but the industry is still as usual encryption currency polarization. In last year’s bull market, economists and financial journalists and Wall Street tycoons have pointed out that by market capitalisation, bitcoin is the world’s largest encryption currency. From the risk of deflation, the extreme volatility encryption market, bitcoin has its critics, they tried to rise in price when the most serious investors will be shut out. Around bitcoin monetary expansion and encryption narrative, become a story of greed and chaos, instead of focusing on the use of new technology to achieve growth, education of people using a new technology, or the establishment of “beyond the legitimate uses of digital money”. By the end of 2017, the relentless media cycle in the social control of arrogance confused and angry “(FOMO) wavering between early adopters, the password is known as visionary innovators, or just good luck, it depends on who you ask. Crypto drinking water machine dialogue suddenly from “what is bitcoin?” to “how can I get rich?”

From an industry perspective, the final results should be predictable, but the result is the value of the excessive expansion and greater expectations. By the end of 2017, the bull market has been extended to a few weeks ago in January, which is built on the basis of their fearless investors decided on, they don’t take the time to understand bitcoin, encryption currency or wide altcoin Market — including a long list in the past year proved to be a disastrous 1C0. A white paper and a commitment to promote the valuation of $1 billion, because most investors are just looking for a can in exchange traded coins. Most of the techniques of organic growth and establishment of their status in the eyes of ordinary people to the contrary, bitcoin became excessive expectations of the unfortunate recipient. Investors to buy crypto, is not only holding asset appreciation expectations, but also expect to get rich. Few people ask what is the position of this technique in terms of development, why some obstacles such as the scale of transaction cost and speed also need several months or even years can be solved. After the collapse of the market, in January and February, extended to the last month of the bitcoin and altcoins reach their relatively low, come up with a lot of schadenfreude, almost all economists and analysts with stone industry and investors bought encryption in autumn. For most people the password industry, the financial account is making a persistent worry, because bitcoin had repeatedly been declared dead”. But the recent bitcoin demise of the article, implies a bitcoin failure of joy.

Although some people love the biggest bubble in history as bitcoin eventually broke down, but more and more difficult to treat financial professionals and experts, they allow their own emotional impact analysis. Somehow, bitcoin not only has become a kind of technology, but also become a kind of ideology. Critics think this ideology must suppress to irrational degree. What if there is a difference, it is probably bitcoin supporters need to find all the continuing signs of hope in the future bitcoin.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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