Bitcoin blackmail extortion criminals comeback, 4 countries accounted for less than $1.

In 2018, bitcoin fell from $20000 to $3000. Last year also celebrated the currency circle momentum of a sudden turn for the worse, Chinese people Starving people fill the land., gangster micro-blog quietly retire after winning merit, delete, someone pretended not to, and summarize the book wealth free life experience.

They are not bitcoin hardcore believers, truly religious people have never given up. Recently, some people in a rather extreme way will focus more and more of the bitcoin whirlpool noun faded from public view back to the Internet.

Mail fraud, terrorist attacks and bitcoin blackmail, nobody can think that the Internet has long been the custom of the story but also in the 2018 year of the news headlines today.

“Again? “

According to a number of foreign media reports, the afternoon of December 13th, the United States, Canada and Australia and New Zealand English speaking countries dozens of companies, schools, banks, government and media organizations have received a “bomb threat” e-mail, mail content is roughly: “payment of $20 thousand worth of bitcoins, or choose to detonate you are at the foot of the bomb. The bomb was assembled according to my instructions, can be hidden in any place, because of its small size, the building structure will not damage the support, but the explosion of words, will have serious consequences. At the end of the day when you have to pay me if the money is late, the bomb will explode. “

These companies and institutions are located in Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Pentti Clintonn, Vernon, Kamloops and winnipeg. The United States is in the state of New York, California, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania and Mississippi and other places have received a bomb threat email.

Yet any explosion, the police also did not find any bomb detonated the device and equipment, according to network security experts’ judgment, the threat is likely to be a large and elaborate practical joke.

One dollar

The authorities began to respond to the bomb warning, is the New York police department.

At noon on December 13th, the New York Police Department said on twitter “please caution bitcoin blackmail. These messages are distributed around, but did not find any mention around the explosive device…… The probability of these threats is not credible. “Utah police also say it is like a mass because of the bomb in the practical joke, thousands of buildings, and any one of them does not check out the possibility is almost zero.

Oklahoma City police twitter said: “we received a bomb threat warning. The country has a similar alarm, the reliable case has not been found, we encourage the public to stay alert, immediately to the police found suspicious. “Ottawa police said” if you received this letter threatening email, please do not respond to the needs of the criminals and immediately contact the police and Ottawa. “

Network security researcher Troy Mursch said that the threat is likely to receive email from the database or the dark network by unfair means to get to the. And the way they are stupid, mass requirements bitcoin payment, it is very easy to let the person received the message as spam malicious fraud.

The problem is not just money, than money loss, cause social panic and solve the problem of cost is the biggest loss. Stop EST on the afternoon of December 14th, only two do not add up to 1 dollar deposit accounts to hit extortion. But from California to Toronto, working in the universities, companies, government departments, law enforcement departments in the “” the stock suddenly detonated a bomb scare also disrupted the city’s daily operation.

There is a note in a letter at the end of each threat mail: “if the authorities took note of this letter and the explosion, we must show that we are not a terrorist organization, nor other buildings explode any responsibility. “

The FBI and the U.S. tobacco guns and explosives authority quickly learned that these e-mail threats, said working with law enforcement agencies to provide assistance at the same time, the Federal Bureau of investigation and the Department of homeland security official said, if it is in the nature of blackmail and impose exactions on practical joke, traceability, the initiator of evil will be subject to federal law punishment.

Nationwide Bomb Threats Look Like a New Spin on an Old Bitcoin Scam

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Editor: Song Desheng

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