Bitcoin blood speculators shrinking assets

A lot of people behind a few days a small number of zero assets

“Coin circle one day, one year on the earth”, this sentence in the digital currency soaring currency circle spread is also applicable to the current slump. Due to the bitcoin cash “hard fork” and regulatory risk, 11 month, 10 days bitcoin third time interval plummeted, fell more than 40%. This decline is still more than 70%.

Although many investors suffered heavy losses, cash assets has shrunk by eight or nine. However, bitcoin has not fallen to the time, in the opinion of senior currency circles, compared with 2017 years before skyrocketing prices, the current price is still not low bitcoin. The reporter learned that, in the face of bitcoin bubble rupture, some coins ready to circle the new game player.

In May 2017, ICO (tokens) fire just that moment, a few days to make millions. This should be a few days a few zero assets.” Mr. Zhao told reporters in Beijing currency investment circle said. He fried currency tens of thousands of dollars at the beginning of the 2016 at the end of the year, when the price of bitcoin is only a few hundred dollars, 2017 soared, reaching 100 million yuan of his cash assets at the highest point.

In 2017, digital currency is very crazy, bitcoin prices earlier this year is only about $1000, to $19666 at the end of soaring highs. ICO and other digital currency also ferocious rally, created a lot of investment myth. Mr. Zhao experienced digital money a month hundreds of times, thousands of times a few months, once held millions of EOS, or a few days can be worth a limousine.

However, with the central bank and other 7 ministries issued a notice to halt activities including ICO, financing and distribution of various types of tokens, digital currency also began to hit Waterloo. At present, bitcoin prices have been higher than last December’s peak of 80%.

For bitcoin crash, Mr. Zhao was calm, he believes that the current price is not low. “The market is up and down. When I start it was cheaper to rise after the fall.” Experienced a spike, Mr. Zhao’s attitude is very smooth.

Currency speculation the biggest loss is similar to those of short-term investors, stock manipulation. There are a lot of investors is at the end of last year to recover the high secure, assets continue to shrink in this year’s slump.” A Shenzhen investor told reporters that the worst is that there are a lot of investors borrowing, financing currency speculation, the result was a warehouse explosion.

“I use extra money at first, holding the attitude of learning to play money, holding little sell.” Mr. Zhao is also surrounded by many investors will take into account all the net worth, or even borrow money to copy money, lose badly last. He is still optimistic about the future of bitcoin, there will be a lot of factors such as rising bitcoin, bitcoin all over the world will be more and more people.

Bitstamp shows that in 2017 September highs hit $3474.7 refresh after November 26th, bitcoin prices began to rebound slightly, as of press time, bitcoin dollar price of $3934.

(source: Shenzhen daily)

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