Bitcoin (BTC) after the crash remains at more than $3500

Although optimists recently claimed bitcoin (BTC) the worst is over, but on Monday morning, encryption market to fluctuate in the turbulent condition, fell below $4000 (again), previously in Sunday’s trading session in Asia, the market had a convincing rebound from $3500. As of this writing, Coinbase bitcoin prices have rebounded to slightly less than $3800, but on Monday morning, with the seller turnover days rose to highs, bitcoin prices fell to $3500.

However, the fact is bitcoin again fell below $4000, causing people to bitcoin prices concerns, and a large number of potential bearish factors password industry. Cryptocompare CEO Charles Hite (Charles Hayter) on CNBC said the latest encryption money market funds has shrunk, the total value of all assets of the encryption below $120 billion, which caused the hashrate data bitcoin turmoil attention. He explained that due to the bitcoin network hashrate declined sharply since the beginning of November fell 28%, the value of bitcoin also decreased.

Sadly, many people think that BTC has not yet found the real bottom. According to the Ethereum World News reported that the level of 3000 dollars allegedly leading analysts and commentators generally refer to the bottom of these people, including Anthony Pompi Liano (Anthony Pompliano), Marty Greenspan (Mati Greenspan), Michael Moro (Michael Moro). In an interview with CoinTelegraph, Morgan Crick (Morgan Creek Digital Assets digital assets) partner Anthony Pang Pu “Pampu Liano (Anthony Pomp Pompliano) pointed out that the psychological argument points to the fact that no enough pain, which means that the real bottom / surrender stage has not yet been achieved. The obvious hate centralized financial institutions Morgan Creek (Morgan Creek) executives later explained that from a technical point of view, bitcoin may reach 3000 to 4000 U.S. dollars.

From a historical point of view, Pomp also explained that the price of $3000 may also be logical. He pointed out that, historically, bitcoin depreciation in more than 80%, but this year only about 75%. Considering this point, bitcoin short-term card value could reach $3000, compared with 2017 years of record highs fell 85%. Vays also expressed the same view, he explained that $3000 is a notable price point, “he told the audience” coins were once, bitcoin reached $3000 range, you should begin to accumulate.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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