Bitcoin (BTC) around $4300, waiting for a breakthrough

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Bitcoin (Bitcoin) after weeks of frustrating selling pressure, earlier this week rebounded sharply, exceeded $4300, while currency copycat followed, the encryption money market has found a sense of stability. As of this writing, the total value of all assets of the encryption of 1385 billion dollars, the transaction amounted to 173 billion dollars (last 24 hours).

In recent weeks has become the mainstream financial media focus bitcoin the current price is $4290, and failed to break above $4300 within. However, the assets in the past day still achieved 2.75% increase, but a few weeks without any signs of below $4000.

XRP rose only 0.17%, or slightly higher than the $0.380 per share. Ethereum (ETH) shares rose slightly, rose 1%, positioned itself in slightly lower than the hypothetical resistance level of $120. On the whole, other areas of encryption money market also experienced similar trends, with bitcoin prices hovering above $4200, other areas of encryption in the money markets rose slightly, rose only 1%.

Although bitcoin prices stabilized at more than $4200 (assuming the support line) is obviously a bullish signal, but many people do not think bitcoin transaction has ended, or that is not the end. Michael Bousera (Michael Bucella) in the “fast money CNBC (Fast Money) program echoed this argument. The BlockTower Capital partner team on Fast Money said, crypto’s recent liquidity dried up, and the existence of market fluctuations, may indicate that bitcoin is not the end of the dilemma of “cycle”, but has come to an end. The former Goldman (Goldman Sachs) Canada executives pointed out on the history of bitcoin’s price trend, encryption bear the final section is usually the largest fluctuation, but the duration is the shortest. Although he would not predict bitcoin will fall to what level, but Bucella explained that when the digital assets reach the bottom, both in the $2000, $3000 or other price, viable purchase opportunities are very few.

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