Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $3900

In the past 24 hours, after 36 hours of market calm after crypto assets started tottering, fell to the bottom of the short several days ago. This trend has led to the continued turmoil in the total value of all encrypted currency has shrunk by $10 billion, this is the number of weeks for the umpteenth time below $129 billion. Interestingly, unlike the November crypto market, trading volume fell Monday was relatively small, only $14 billion (adjusted $7 billion 200 million), and in November 24th crypto is selling $21 billion be struck dumb (adjusted $10 billion 500 million) trading volume far.

The latest round of selling pressure, causing more and more uncertainty, resulting in bitcoin (Bitcoin, referred to as BTC) fell below $4000. Prior to this, the bulls had over $4100 for more than 36 hours of trading. As of press time, bitcoin price of $3850, just over a day fell 6.8%.

BTC found itself at a crossroads right, as the famous analyst Crypto Dog pointed out recently. The sharp analysis of famous anonymous traders recently said that if the BTC fill back in its 50% Fibonacci (about $3900) or more, the assets may fall further, the decline will be smaller. However, on the other hand, if the BTC hold the key level, in the foreseeable future, there may be more volatile, less down, until the bull / bear market breakthrough finally become a reality. Copycat coins as usual, not with “BTC”, because the industry favorite assets, such as Ethereum, XRP, Stellar (ETH) Lumens (XLM), there has been a double-digit losses around. However, as Asye Chis M before the news of the world reported, the dog coins (DOGE) found striking themselves like a sore thumb, against the mobile population, and has achieved some success.

Translation: Kunming plus

Source: ethereumworldnews

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