Bitcoin (BTC) in the fall of November is the worst in 7 years

Bitcoin (BTC), encrypted with bitcoin currency again fell below $4000, the money market continued bearish trend of encryption to the last months of the year. After several months of low price fluctuations (by market capitalisation, fluctuations in the value of the world’s largest encryption currency below the technology stocks), encryption market seems to be upward trend in November an eventful. Bitcoin cash advance a portion of investment inflows, because buyers expected in November 15th after the bitcoin hard fork, there will be a new bitcoin appeared. However, on the contrary, in a few hours before splitting, this coin value plummeted down most of the market. Bifurcation of bitcoin cash and coins ABC and SV instead of letting the market prices rise, but to bring investors a strong uncertainty, leading to falling prices. The two camps by the name of crypto leader Roger Foer (Roger Ver) and Craig Wright (Craig Wright) leadership, they created a “hash out and out war” (hash war), which caused the error crypto attention, and led the market sale.

Bitcoin and copycat coins together plummeted, in less than two weeks, the market value of the evaporation of nearly $100 billion. The year 2018, bitcoin prices fell steadily, from a stable trading point at the end of last year hit a record $20 thousand to about $6500 a. Bitcoin prices fell further to $3500, almost all analysts predict, encryption currency price recovery prospects, will continue until next year, or even longer. According to Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) reported that a recent bitcoin prices fell, as investors have seen so bleak, November is a month of bitcoin over the past 7 years the worst. Although investors at this time a year ago, bitcoin is in a bull market, but in November last year, bitcoin fell 37%, relatively low fell in 2018, which is since August 2011, bitcoin fell 39% to $8.90, the largest decline since. As EWN previously reported, the Milky Way digital holdings (Galaxy Digital Holdings) billionaire investor Mike Novo Gallazzi (Mike Novogratz) admitted that the encryption software and its encryption technology based on the valuation of the fund fell sharply. Graz’s speech in a conference call on November 30th, and did not attempt to whitewash the current situation.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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