Bitcoin (BTC) less than $4000, by the emotional overreaction drive

Lo Nimesh (Ronnie Moas) is an outspoken, ebullience bitcoin bull, recently accepted an exclusive interview with CoinTelegraph. When it comes to crypto’s recent downturn, Moas maintained his optimism, made it clear that BTC is not dead in the water.

When asked how to encrypt the performance of the market, research firm stance (based on Research) as director of the mo (Moas) put the problem upside down, talked about the dismal performance of the global market. He explained that since January this year, the S & P 500 index (S&P 500) half of the company, which is listed in the U.S. market of the 500 companies, shares fell 25% to 50%. Back to the problem at hand, the famous market analysts to soothe investor unease, simply said, we have experienced such a situation. Moas added that bitcoin after experiencing a parabola, and like today appeared 80% callback, which is a common phenomenon, almost like a cycle. Considering this point, explained that the advocates of encryption currency:

Every time we have a parabola, we put a cycle high off. I think that next year I expect the parabolic trend will not be any different.

Recently, Fundstrat robbs Ramo (Rob Sluymer) completed an analysis, confirmed the preference for bitcoin cycle. Analysis pointed out that the 2014/2015 bitcoin bear market in technology and overall pattern and ability are all strikingly similar to 2018.

On the current market sentiment, Moas tries to make the audience feel shocked, it pointed out that in the stock market and password history, who sold in a crash in “the ultimate in crash shortly after the regret, people have to jump from the bridge”. He then pointed out that this unfortunate thing happened in the Great Depression (Great Depression), black Sunday (Black Monday), the Internet bubble burst (Dotcom Bust) and (Great Recession) during the great recession, but then added that those stocks to buy at the bottom of people “as they do very well”. Moas gives a fuzzy price forecast, he seemed very excited, said loudly, he felt the value of gold for 80 billion dollars is 100 times of bitcoin, is 60 times the encryption assets is illogical. Of course, this can be a people’s point of view, namely bitcoin in all digital glory, will eventually surpass the gold, the latter is the world for thousands of years in the store of value.

At the end of his comments, Moas pointed out that the “smart people” to buy bitcoins in bitcoin fell. The famous market researchers say, regardless of the cost basis of $9000 or $4000, those who buy at lower prices, especially when surrender in other people, is likely to do well. Moas ended his speech excitedly, pointed out:

A repeat of history. If you look back to the history of the financial market, 100 years, at that time, people make money when the market fell, the wise use of overreaction and emotional marketing, we see now… I know this is a $one hundred million mining platform now, I think they know where to bitcoin.

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