Bitcoin bubble block chain involving the concept of a listed company repeated inquiries

Bitcoin, a new round of crash, so we have reason to be compared with the history of mankind’s most serious asset bubble burst. When the tide receded, You’ll see. who has been swimming naked. The latest data show that bitcoin has dropped to $3935; since November, bitcoin fell nearly 40%; compared with $20 thousand in December last year, fell more than 80%.

In the past two days, the world’s top 10 digital currency, bitcoin cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA), star (XLM) and Monteiro (XMR) fell more than 10%; in the past week, the world’s top 100 digital currency, 73 fell over 30%. data show that the total market value of digital currency market from January 2018 highs, evaporated $700 billion. Digital currency market is experiencing a bloody.

Under the digital currency market, which is mainly influenced by the market on the strict supervision of the panic.

In November 16th, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official website issued a public statement “digital asset securities issuance and trading statement”, the issuance and sale of digital asset securitization digital assets securities transactions especially exchange registration and broker dealer registration problem set out in detail.

In November 20th, according to the digital currency market chaos, U.S. regulators alleged fraud investigation activities on the digital currency, affected by this news mainly digital currency sharply callback. The same day, bitcoin fell more than 16%.

On Friday, the SEC SEC announced its decision the first civil penalties for token financing ICO, Airfox and Parago Coin, the two companies issued by ICO has not been registered as securities, the need to pay a fine of $250 thousand to compensate investors. SEC chairman Jay Clayton said earlier this year, in addition to bitcoin and etheric coins, all digital coins or tokens are needed to be regulated securities. Over the weekend, bitcoin prices plummeted again.

investment boom

Bitcoin is a center based on the point-to-point network consensus and initiative, open source code, as the underlying technology of digital currency. 2008 years 10 months 31 days, Nakamoto published papers, laid the theoretical foundation of bitcoin; 1 2009 3, the block was born. The idea that bitcoin is the advent of people hate the commodity economy in the super sovereign currency and monetary policy intervention results.

In addition to bitcoin, there are many similar types of currency, called digital currency, bitcoin digital currency outside, also known as copycat competition coins, coins, there are thousands more digital currency in circulation.

Bitcoin was born a year after 2010 years, someone with 1 000 bitcoin to buy a pizza, its price is equivalent to $41. With the speculative atmosphere of ascension, bitcoin prices soared. In 2017, bitcoin has become the world’s highest rate of return on investment assets; at the end of the year, bitcoin prices exceeded $20 thousand, at this time, 10 thousand bitcoin enough to buy Airbus A330 aircraft.

There have been two rounds of bitcoin investment boom, and appeared two bubble burst. In 2013, the price doubled 85 times; second years of a collapse, the next two years, fell 80%. The reason is that the Mt. Gox exchange was hacked, shaken many early investor confidence. The second round of upsurge appeared in the 2017 year bitcoin rose over 25 times; 2018 bitcoin bubble burst again, since the crash is still continuing.

Chinese is one of the main sources of bitcoin transactions. In 2017, Okcoin China bitcoin currency, fire currency network three domestic platform trading volume reached 98% in the world. In the regulatory intervention, the trading volume Chinese territory began to decline, but remained at a high level. According to the statistics of, the culmination of 2017 years in the fourth quarter of bitcoin currency investment heat, Okcoin Global Trading Volume 2, accounting for 12.45%, bitcoin Chinese accounted for 10.64%, third.

Bitcoin has also led to the hot copycat ICO active currency. PWC said in a report, only 2018 years 1 months to 5 months, the size of ICO is two times the 2017 year. In the meantime, the issue of ICO registered a total of 537 enterprises, raised a total of more than $13 billion 700 million. In contrast, 2017 ICO issued a total of 552 home, raising total just over $70 million. In the meantime, the average ICO funds raised almost doubled, increasing from $12 million 800 thousand to $25 million 500 thousand.

The tide

In December 2017, bitcoin is around $20000, the largest bitcoin website founder and chief technology officer Amir Oldenburg has cleared all bitcoin holdings. Oldenburg in the Swedish technology website Breakit said in an interview: “I want to say, bitcoin investment is the highest risk investment you can do now, there is a high risk.” Then bitcoin prices began to adjust the depth of this round of bitcoin bubble began to burst. As of today, bitcoin has dropped to near $4000.

With bitcoin into a bear market, and strengthen the world of digital currency and ICO regulation, more “digital currency brother quit. Chinese famous bitcoin and blockchain investor Li Xiaolai, in September 30, 2018, micro-blog and WeChat announced in the circle of friends called “the person will no longer be any project investment, whether or not the blockchain, he also prepared to take a few years to” seriously”.

As the representative of bitcoin digital currency development, has also led to the development of mining industry. For bitcoin mining, exploration the nickname. Bitcoin miners by solving certain workload proof of work mechanism, to generate new bitcoin. Nakamoto So put CPU through the consumption of power and time to produce bitcoin, compared to the consumption of resources will be injected into the economy of gold deposit. “Mining” required machines called mills.

Chinese bitcoin mining activity, also produced a number of enterprises to sell its profit. These businesses are called the new era of gold road selling water”. Jia Yun Chi Nan, bit, and Tianhe International is one of the best.

A bit, for example, “selling” staggering profits. 2015-2017 years, bit, revenues were $137 million, $277 million and $2 billion 517 million, annual revenues doubled, at the carnival vertex in 2017 is to achieve a nearly ten fold increase; even in the first half of the digital currency crash of 2018, the company also half years to reach 2017 year revenue.

However, the prices of major digital currency fell, also makes its sales are greatly affected. There are media reports, after some small bitcoin mine mill hill of general waste heap in the yard, and even to scrap prices, according to Jin said sell. The first half of 2018, due to digital currency market decline, bit, recorded a $390 million provision for impairment of inventories.

The listed company repeated inquiries

Since this year, digital currency and block chain concept in the capital market is also highly sought after. Fiscal union access to choice data found that the current number of shares of A block chain concept of listed company has reached 79, which, since the second quarter increased by 24.

But for the exchange block chain concept is more cautious, only in the first half of 2018, there are more than 20 listed companies, because of the “rub” blockchain heat exchange received a letter of inquiry. While the proposed layout block chain business of listed companies most received exchange information.

5 month 21 days, GRG announcement, subsidiary cloud information and Beijing block chain cloud Technology Co. Ltd. and other two companies jointly set up Guangzhou guangdianyoutong block chain Technology Co. ltd.. Subsequently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry, the specific content of GRG block chain business model, profit scene, and personnel, reserve funds for inquiries.

The development of digital currency remain cautious, the Commission has repeatedly refused to bitcoin ETF listing request.

In May this year, June and September, Jia Nan Yun Chi, Tianhe International, and bit respectively to the HKEx submitted the prospectus; Jia Nan Yun Chi submitted in May, due to the hearing of the audit period, has not yet passed, IPO application has been the essence of failure; and a bit, to Tianhe International is not by hearing. It is widely speculated that the negative stance on the HKEx listed companies related to digital currency.

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