Bitcoin bubble collapse, who is mine mine card “Jiepan man”? Netizen: card to price?

Bitcoin currency circle rare quiet for a few months, last week, bitcoin suddenly plunged nearly 38%. Around November 14th bitcoin price is still around $6400 level, time to Beijing time 21 days at 4:30 in the morning, coinbase platform bitcoin quote suddenly fell below $4100, hitting a year low.

This is a bubble in the market, as early as 2014 years, Warren Buffett bluntly: “stay away from bitcoin, that is an illusion.” 5 months of this year, Buffett in an interview said, “bitcoin is more toxic than drugs.”

However, thousands of people are obsessed with them, bought numerous “mills” day and night “mining”, the virtual cake really seems easy. To know that in 2010 years, 1 million bitcoins to buy a value of only $25 pizza, the conversion to the equivalent of a bitcoin is equal to 0.25 cents; seven years, bitcoin price rose 400 million times, become one of the largest in the history of human asset bubble.

But now the bubble collapse, the entire 2018, bitcoin “three feet, a river flowing to the west” fall who is up to stop, as Beijing 11 April 20 12, compared with the beginning of the year high of $19299, bitcoin decline amounted to 76%!

Because of the enormous economic pressure, many of the “owners” had to sell the machine pit, or even a year ago the price up to twenty thousand Taiwan machine, the second-hand sale price of only 1000 yuan, it is only heaven and hell overnight.

But reluctantly put mine price sold to other “mine” is the conscience, there are some sinister providers “flexibility” to remove the ore flow into the market of high-end computer graphics, sold at a very low price card, some do not understand the temptation of computer hardware, users buy, this kind of ore may buy back the card a period of time is also very good, but life is very short, recent buy card buddy must pay attention to!

This netizen said: bitcoin fell, the card is not the price?

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