Bitcoin bubble “second-hand mine card” buy carefully

As early as 2014, Warren Buffett had said: “stay away from bitcoin, that is an illusion. In my opinion, that it has great intrinsic value idea is a joke.” In May this year, Buffett in an interview said, “bitcoin is more toxic than drugs”.

According to statistics, in November 14th 12, bitcoin price of 6417 U.S. dollars (about 44502 yuan). 11 16, 12, the price has dropped to $5671 (about RMB 39328 yuan). 11 20 April 12, bitcoin price of $4706 (about RMB 32636 yuan). Just a week, bitcoin price has dropped by nearly 12000 yuan, a decline of nearly 30%, bitcoin $29 billion 746 million market value evaporated.

As of 20, 19, bitcoin price of $4518 (about 31332 yuan), compared to 12 on the same day, fell 1300 yuan, down 4%. For a time, money ring, ring, ore exchange panic unceasingly.

But there is a industry related to bitcoin, that is the card market, because the most simple way of production bitcoin, is using the high stress graphics with interests in the Internet search algorithm so as to obtain a small amount of bitcoin Many a little make a mickle.. The direct impact of this “mine” is brought about by a large number of domestic “mine” production, selling and machine graphics.

At present in some secondary trading websites and forums in China has been the emergence of a large number of experienced mining after sale of second-hand “deposit card” model based on RX Series graphics card AMD home price, mostly in the thousands, Xiao Bian recently has seen 500 yuan RX580 4G card (original price of nearly 1300 yuan). Because of these “mine card” has experienced very high strength operation, long operation time and often uneven quality, if not a graphics expert, is often difficult to see “mine card” differs from ordinary secondary graphics, graphics and the official did not give “mine card” warranty or replacement, so recently in the purchase of second-hand cards when the need to avoid part of a low offer goods, carefully choose to buy.

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