Bitcoin can activate the Vietnam Vietnam remittance market

Bitcoin can activate the Vietnam Vietnam remittance market

Vietnam’s biggest bitcoin exchange VBTC, recently in the bitcoin trading platform BlinkTrade re listed. The exchange focused on Vietnam has a $14 billion remittance remittance market, and promised the international remittance to Vietnam for just an hour, in addition to the payee can also cash in Vietnam’s tens of thousands of ATM locations.

VBTC is a bitcoin in a start-up project in Vietnam, the company is currently the focus aimed at the unbanked population. The company has more than 9200 branches in Vietnam, the user will be able to cash in the business.

In addition, through the authentication of VBTC users can immediately enjoy bitcoin deposit, which has been trading, without their funds VBTC account.

The savings will be “frozen” in multi signature Wallet

VBTC said that the company attaches great importance to the safety problems. The company will put the savings funds frozen in a BitcoinVietnam (Vietnam bitcoin) and BlinkTrade and BitGo (bit purchase) a multi signature signature in the wallet. If you want to unfreeze funds must be at least two party after the signature, and BitGo for their own security operation error guarantee up to $250000 of the amount.

Vietnam bitcoin co founder Dominik? Maxwell said, customers around the world are able to transfer in the Vietnamese family, and remittances lasted less than an hour. The exchange may accept bitcoin from remittances, and convert it to the payee of the local currency, and the payee can withdraw money using the Vietnam National network.

VBTC can let us in a fast and competitively priced way to deal with the Vietnamese bitcoin remittance service. In an ideal environment, you only need less than an hour (from your bitcoin exchange to us, to get the cash in Vietnam payee) can remit the money to you in the Vietnamese family. Weir said in a press release that they have been able to achieve such remittance service.

The best remittance market is still a problem

According to the company said, Vietnam in the world to accept dollar remittance country in the top ten, the remittance amount in 2015 is expected to reach 130~140 billion dollars.

Although the central bank warned that although in Vietnam, bitcoin has not been banned but bitcoin payment or deposit are not protected by law. Vietnam said the company bitcoin in discussions with the government to formulate the relevant rules on the use of bitcoin in Vietnam and KYC/AML will comply with international standards.

Headquartered in New York, BlinkTrade will join the existing Vietnam bitcoin bitcoin exchange network, the network has covered Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Pakistan and other countries. BlinkTrade is also committed to set up between the United States and the BlinkTrade exchange remittance cooperation so as to reduce the cost of remittances, remittances increase speed.

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