Bitcoin can tax? Ohio: this can be

[news] mobile phone Chinese bitcoin have high risk and uncertainty, but the U.S. state of Ohio does not think so. According to foreign media reports, Ohio will become the first American to accept bitcoin payments, tax. But these bitcoin does not directly enter the vault, but for commercial purposes specific, such as the United States bitcoin services company Bitpay will bitcoin for $replacement. For those who accept bitcoin and therefore can not store into dollars to pay the consumption tax, this approach can be said to be a lot more convenient.


But not all businesses are love tax bitcoin. Because there is no solution to the problem about the supervision of encryption currency, probably only a few companies are willing to use it. While bitcoin in Ohio can be used to pay taxes, because the State Treasury Secretary Josh Mandel said the thing can bypass the legislature and the governor, because the use of the way of legislation, so it would be more difficult.

But anyway, the bitcoin tax is significant. Coin Center director Jerry Brito pointed out that this may help to improve the bitcoin public image, and can be used to show the proper use of tax. At present, New York and part of the state government has tried to relax the bitcoin and other encryption currency control, if Ohio’s new tax model is successful, the more states will enter the ranks.

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