Bitcoin cash (BCH) can against the dollar hegemony

Bitcoin cash (BCH) can against the dollar hegemony

2009 Nakamoto designed the first digital currency bitcoin, then a new term digital currency into the line of sight. Bitcoin is a total of 21 million, to the center of the anonymous digital currency, global circulation, issue aim is to fight inflation and currency crisis. Digital currency to subvert the national right to issue currency, but some countries strongly support, some countries firmly opposed, this is why?

Dollar Hegemony

The U.S. government is perhaps the world’s most worried about digital currency developed countries, currency to replace the dollar as the global currency, dollar hegemony, many “looting” history by the world’s wealth, if digital currency to replace the dollar currency, will be the biggest loss of currency.

In 80s of the last century in Japan, the Japanese capital crazy expansion, made in Japan with the world, has the world’s largest dollar reserves, the largest creditor of the United states. In 1985 an agreement to let the yen against the dollar has doubled, the depreciation of the dollar and yen appreciation, that is to say the Japanese have a short period of three years the depreciation of dollar reserves doubled, the lower the cost of U.S. recovery of all Japanese dollar reserves. Then the Japanese economic bubble burst, Japan entered ten years of economic stagnation, namely “ten lost years”. This is the famous economic history of the “Plaza Agreement”, the United States through dollar hegemony “looting” Japan decades of wealth. Digital currency to break the dollar hegemony.

The redistribution of wealth

Since the dollar hegemony currency, it must also have a weak currency being squeezed. For example, Japan today, after the “Plaza Agreement” in Japan is probably the most inconsistent with the dollar hegemony state in the whole world. So, Japan is now all over the world the best digital currency environment, national legislation to protect and promote the digital currency in Japan, you can always use bitcoin cash to buy goods.

There are countries such as Venezuela suffered inflationary worries behind the economy, the national currency value of their more and more low, more people for the evaluation of a piece of paper, the existing monetary system where they are at a disadvantage, there is an urgent need for a safe, not controlled by the other country in the world currency. India digital currency to meet their needs, they now have more than 5000 stores to support bitcoin cash transactions. They support the legislation of digital currency, and early admission to hoard coins, the purpose is to redistribute the wealth of the world.

BCH mission

The expansion of the dispute will bitcoin is divided into BCH and BCE BCE, because of the high fees and low transfer rate of lost circulation of money, to the value direction. The BCH block will expand to 8M, with a higher speed and lower the transfer fee, which inherits the world currency bitcoin point to the center of the. Although the two coins took two different development path, but now BCH will bring a greater impact on the legal tender. The development of BCH digital vision is a world currency, payment for circulation, while BTC is more inclined to digital gold, for hedging value. At present, there have been many businesses and enterprises to accept BCH payment.

One of BCH’s mission is to protect your property against inflation. In simple terms, inflation means that as time goes on, your money and more money, the money to buy the same things will be less and less. A century ago to spend $1 to buy 4 pounds of sirloin steak, the same $1 spent half a century of time can only buy 4 movie tickets, but in the next century, the dollar may even have to buy a cup of coffee. But now inflation is taking place in Germany, Hungary, Peru, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and some other countries. While bitcoin cash can protect you from this risk. In fact, bitcoin cash over time relative to the currency will appreciate, you can buy more things. Just a few months, bitcoin cash prices have increased from $200 in August 2017 to an average price of $2500 in January 2018.

The mission of BCH two to make your assets to the center, from the control of the third party. When you use a credit card, there are actually many third party intermediaries to charge your money from the transaction. When your bank transfer, bank actually acts as a transaction broker. When a man in the middle, they have the power to control your money. 2013 Cyprus bank confiscated more than 30% people deposit money to help solve their own problems. In 2015, a similar incident occurred in Greece on about 10000000 people at that time, bank failures, automatic teller machines have no money. There are a lot of people because they do not believe the bank will take the renminbi in their own hands. Some people because of improper storage eventually usher in decay. BCH as a kind of electronic cash to point, by the control of their own wealth, and no one can stop your trading center. The bank and the government can not control your assets. Bitcoin cash real money control in people in their hands.

The digital revolution is more than a game between the new digital currency currency, is also among the countries of the game. Everyone can be participants even decision-makers, today you have a BCH, maybe in the future you had the wealth of the world 1/2100 million.

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