Bitcoin Cash creates the first block, the sign bit currency is officially bifurcated

nnnOn August 1, miners created the first block on Bitcoin Cash, a new Bitcoin block. The size of the block is nearly twice the original version of the coin block, theoretically can increase the network capacity, improve processing speed. This marks the official split of Bitcoin. At present, BCH has been on the stock exchange, the price is $ 219.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nMiners to create a new version of the coin block chain of the efforts to achieve a breakthrough.n
nAlthough the miners met obstacles on the morning of August 1, they created a block on a new block chain called Bitcoin Cash at about 2:14 pm on the same day. This means that miners are out of the main Bitcoin network, in the development of a new technology line.n
nData provider BlockDozer developed the Bitcoin Cash block explorer to show that the block was mined by the mining company ViaBTC. ViaBTC later confirmed the news on Twitter and the WeChat.n
nIn short, after digging blocks 478,558 nearly six hours later, the miners tried to start separating the bitcoin.n
nThe network data show that the Bitcoin Cash block contains 6985 transactions with a block size of 1.915 MB – almost twice the size of the original chain. Given that Bitcoin Cash is designed to increase network capacity by providing block chains with larger blocks, this data is very interesting.n
nAccording to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 219 on Kraken on the digital currency exchange. BTC / BCH transactions in Kraken after the launch, the transaction volume has exceeded 300 million.n

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