Bitcoin cash: digital currency price war bifurcation collective slump, there is actually a winner?

This week the circle quite quiet. All cause to begin in mid November bitcoin cash hard branch.

“What is bifurcation bifurcation, is nothing but not bear playing, they set up the stage to sing a play. The future is more lively, more valuable “cut leek, summer nuts industry insiders told the surging news, such as the bifurcation of the currency exchange, it was to offer to the satisfaction of all.

The hard currency itself, encryption bifurcation is a normal thing. “Probably can be understood as the system upgrade,” Star Cloud chain CEO Xu Yiji explained to the surging news, like Sina, micro-blog this center of the site can be selected at night to complete the system upgrade, but the block chain node to the center of the large, when a new version of the software, not all nodes are willing to upgrade, not necessarily all the node can respond in a timely manner. According to whether the upgraded block can be compatible with the old chain block chain, the bifurcation is divided into “bifurcation hard” and “soft bifurcate” is not compatible with the hard fork.

The hard fork began in 11 on Sept. 15, as bitcoin (BTC) twin brother, bitcoin cash (BCH) was split into two camps: one is the CEO bit, Wu Jihan led by BCH ABC of the camp, is to claim to be against Nakamoto himself “Macao Satoshi” for the first BCH SV camp. After the hard bifurcation are peaceful coexistence, but bitcoin consensus mechanism is changed, the node node does not upgrade verification has been upgraded to produce refuse to block, then we think their continuation of their correct behavior chain chain. But the two sides to force is in direct competition, the final result is likely to survive only one strand, and the loser, the transaction is invalid, put no output to return to zero.

Therefore, Wu Jihan and Macao Satoshi the face just the smell of gunpowder, and the two sides fighting strength can not be underestimated. Wu Jihan backed by the world’s largest mining company, bit encryption currency, the Macao hearing also owns the biggest hashrate mine pool Coingeek BCH. Wu Jihan Macao directed Satoshi Nakamoto is under the guise of a massive fraud, called on the region to resist the anti cult leader; Macao Cong choking himself not bad money, money, and threatened to destroy a bit on the protracted war with Bitcoin ABC.

The beginning is the bitcoin slump in the. Before bitcoin cash hard branch opened, bitcoin trading sideways down $6300 in full January. 11 bifurcation 15 April day, bitcoin prices suffered cliff downwards, closing $5460.17, the highest since last month low 13. In November 19th, the superposition of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced its first civil penalty incident and American technology stocks fell on encryption in violation of the provisions of the founder, bearish market sentiment rising again. From November 19th 8 to November 20th 8, bitcoin fell nearly 15% in 24 hours. Especially the November 20th early morning, just a few hours of continuous, 4900, 4800, 5000 below the $4700 mark integer 4.

Bitstamp encryption currency exchange bitcoin quote In November 21st, the Macao Cong make concessions, claiming that the withdrawal of BCH bifurcation is war, re deployed back to BTC BCH ABC, Wu Jihan team get stage victory, bitcoin currency price immediately stabilized, and rebound. From the surface, from around $4400 to support the market, the price was $4800 but the price back to the counter, maintain the resistance is large, continuous search space, in the short term is difficult to return the $6000 mark.

Now the question is, the Macao Cong first surrender, so this round is the Macao Cong lost?

Multi currency quantitative analyst Liu Yingnan believes that the Australian Cong Wu Jihan knew the strong, in this struggle before a large number of short may fall more, earn more. For example, at this time put 100 thousand coins, 50 thousand of them to add 10 times leverage, fell 30% to earn 300%, 50 thousand coins into 200 thousand, even with the Wu Jihan war wiped out 25% dollars price, 300% of the revenue is not smooth? Wu Jihan, after Bitcoin ABC win money prices, Wu Jihan is definitely a winner. The answer is more direct: nuts “bitcoin currency price fell again how, and the Macao Jihan Wu Cong lost? Maybe they smashed together the disc. Privately is not drinking, who address each other as brothers, know? The injured or leek”.

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