Bitcoin cash embassy to be unveiled in Cyprus

nRunaway commentary: Cyprus has many advantages in accepting cryptocurrencies and has become one of the best places to conduct related activities. The financial technology company Hello Group will open a Bitcoin cash embassy in Limassol, Cyprus, early next year to facilitate community exchange and learning. The news also shows that the advantages of bitcoin cash are gradually getting more and more recognition, and the currency may achieve better development in the future.n
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The ideal country to encrypt moneyn
Limassol, Cyprus’s second-largest city, will open its first Bitcoin cash embassy in early 2018. There will be an open community center where people can talk about cryptocurrencies, participate in free discussions and attend regular meet-ups, and get in touch with industry experts. Founder of Hello Group, a financial technology company that installed its first bitcoin ATM just a month ago in Limassol.n

Cyprus is the ideal place to hold cryptocurrencies. It is the overseas financial center for many European, Russian and Middle Eastern companies that need to reduce their costs of cross-border transfers. The locals have a fresh memory of the crisis in 2013 due to the EU’s “self-help” mechanism and are therefore more likely to spot the benefits of this currency. For example, Nicosia University in Cyprus is the first academic institution in the world to offer a master’s degree in digital currency.n
Bitcoin is superior in cashn
The main reason cryptocurrency supporters are excited about bitcoin cash is that it performs even better in terms of speed and cost. Roy Sebag, the founder of Goldmoney, just announced that it wants to get Bitcoin cash into the business as soon as possible because Bitcoin transactions take 10 hours to confirm, and bitcoin cash does not.n
Many advocates also think Bitcoin cash is more loyal to the notion of cryptocurrency. Japanese financial giant SBI President and CEO Kita Kitoshi recently commented:n
n”The vision of Mr. Nakamoto ‘s original bitcoin white paper, written by Nakamoto, needed a P2P e – cash system, and the vision was great. The SBI Group will invest resources to build a future world where Bitcoin cash can be used around the world for routine payments.n

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