Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

 Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

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Is this the war caused turmoil in the industry, like some meat investors, soup is not drink.

On November 15th at 1:52 in the morning, BitcoinCash (BCH) network to complete the upgrade, Wu Jihan (BCH ABC) and Australia Nakamoto (for BCH SV) is the leading force of the war kicked off.

As of press time, BCH ABC and BCH SV have completed the “BCH” part company each going his own way bifurcation, leading BCH SV ABC has 36 blocks, way ahead.

 Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

The bifurcation after the end of the domestic mining pool celebrity God fish said, mine pool operator BCH ABC switching currency increase mining capacity. In this operation, a force BCH ABC once reached 4000 Ph/s.

 Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

From the beginning of a couple of days ago, shelling each other both of them upgrade. Because of the difference of both consensus chiefs break, this BCH is thus open championship. The bifurcation 3 days before the social war of words intensified, incompatible BitcoinABC and BitcoinSV open “mutual” bar, direct result, a day later led to BTC virtual digital currency trading a rosy. Not only the BCH itself has a huge decline, have also come up with OKEx vulnerabilities and massive explosion.

The first is the BCH itself, the last two days from the highest price of $552 to $417, down over 24%. The price fell at the same time, OKEX BCH futures trading has the largest premium history since the week contract offer premium spot more than $100. In 15, a large area of explosion on OKEX, the mainstream currency futures warehouse explosion 2384.94 million, a total of $4.1 (about RMB 22 million yuan).

At the same time, BTC and ETH also fell into orbit. In 14 afternoon to night fell slightly after midnight, the entire virtual disk, digital currency began cliff fall.

 Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

11 in the afternoon of 15 March, the virtual digital currency exchange CoinEx official announcement said, will be in 11 months 2018 years 15, 20:00 (HKT) according to the records released by the 1:1 bifurcation BCHSV snapshot currency transactions on the BCHSV/USDT, 21:00 open. Open exchange stand off.

The coin with this morning announced that has completed the distribution work of BCHABC and BCHSV, 1BCH= 1BCHABC, 1BCH =1BCHSV ratio, and fast BCH transactions on the line of currency trading, bifurcation.

The ABC chain has more than Jihan Wu on behalf of the number in Australia Cong 36 blocks, both from the bifurcation to the end of this noon, experienced a lot of dust dust trading, but the transaction is over now. No one claimed victory or defeat Australia exit, Nakamoto said, the game continues.

Currency prices plummeted Starving people fill the land.

Originally only in the BCH branch within the scope of the gangster power struggle, but will the money ring pull into the turbulent falls in the tide. Not only is BCH itself price volatility, as BTC, ETH and other mainstream digital currency digital currency prices provoke beam did not escape the price plummeted, the community at bay.

 Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

The original 16 on the morning of BCH bifurcation, the price is in 15 morning plunge. In November 14th rose BCH, on the 15 day from the highest price of $552 to the price of $478, with 22 hours fell over 13%.

The bifurcation has been rising digital currency aphrodisiac, 7 month 2017 years, BTC gradually rose in the bifurcation of the early beginning, rose to nearly $2900 from the bifurcation of $2500, up 14% in just one month. The price trend over the past week, BCH from a low of $425 rose to the highest point of $634, up nearly 33%. Also follow this principle.

But a day later, big dispute will all digital currency to pull down the track.

From the evening of 14 to $6400, in just 24 hours fell 17% to $5300. Now slowly rose to around $5600. At the same time, the etheric Fang quoted $179, 24 hours down 15%, below the market value of $20 billion, compared with 2018 year high of nearly $150 billion market capitalization fell by up to 87%.

The bear continued more than half a year after the whole network virtual digital currency market hovers around $2000 billion, according to the statistics data of this site is not small, the bottom line is broken again today, the virtual digital currency market value fell to the lowest 1817 billion dollars.

This coin circle big shock jaw dropping, the more obvious impact on futures trading. The price fell at the same time, OKEX BCH futures trading has the largest premium history since the week contract offer premium spot more than $100. In 15, a large area of explosion on OKEX, the mainstream currency futures warehouse explosion 23 million 849 thousand and 400, worth $410 million.

According to statistics, only in November 14th 15 am late night explosion in OKEx on the mainstream currency futures of a total of 23 million 849 thousand and 400, the total value of about $410 million (about 2 billion 200 million yuan). Among them, the $189 million ETH BTC explosion; explosion of $108 million 700 thousand; $74 million 400 thousand EOS explosion.

At the same time, fire currency pool ore pool because of work force and the calling user is pushed in the teeth of the storm of public opinion.

People found the original coin circle, what do not stand to eat melons also will be a huge impact.

China Wu Jihan PK Australia Nakamoto

Is big with the social networking platform, across time and place restrictions, global currency circle mutual tear, be no sleep.

On the morning of 15, Australia Dr Craig S Wright Nakamoto (also known as the Australian tweets said, Cong) he will make the cash count bit to sell a lot of bitcoin war force. On his twitter, he also mouthing BTC, called “the BTC market tends to be full, the price will fall to $1000, not only the shelling of the BCH community, and even the muzzle aimed at the BTC.

As a important figure BCH developers on Dr Craig S environment, Wright on behalf of nChain, and Wu Jihan on behalf of the BitcoinABC was in a camp, both have each other twitter friends.

Then the people of the community that the Dr Craig S Wright claiming to be clever in disgust. Surprisingly, nChain and BitcoinABC at the beginning of the BCH bifurcation when split into camps.

The camp is divided into primary school, BCH chain support: for ant mine pool and Bitcoin pool, ViaBTC pool, ore mine BSV support party: nChain development group, Coingeek pool and Svpool pool ore mine.

Nakamoto So and Dr Craig S Wright proposed a different technical route, and are not compatible with each other. In accordance with the rules: the bifurcation bifurcation, BCH SV=BCH the Cong Wu Jihan Corps BCH ABC+ in australia. This means that the choice of currency bifurcation of a party, the other party will be reduced accordingly.

The battle, the industry generally believe that there is an advantage who will win the coin right BCH bifurcation. According to the BCH pool media statistics real-time computing power, BSV support party with 1635 PH/s is to occupy the entire BCH network is 57%, the gap between the two sides is not great.

From the numerical reserve, we are more optimistic about Wu Jihan more innovative route. Even the media broke, won the final victory, the ant bit, its mine pool in Xinjiang is urgent to deploy 90 thousand S9 machine, when necessary, they will be dispatched to trick the enemy.

The officer declared some of the gap. Bit, its mineral pools recently in the official WeChat, released on bitcoin cash (BCH) hard bifurcation measures. The first show is one of the head support bitcoin cash pool, after the listing will be in service, mining bit, income distribution, replay protection measures three aspects.

Block BlockBeats BCHABC and BCHSV stand according to the rhythm, as well as some information analysis found that things are not simple and fight stress situation.

 Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

First of all, the number of active SV support only 5 bodies, no bias SV or partial SV near neutral institutions, while the ABC side ABC to near neutral 18 institutions. Secondly, there is no exchange preference to support SV, there are a number of exchange preference ABC, if hard bifurcation, SV might be in unfavorable situation.

And, from ABC (ABC, partial preference ABC, near neutral category three) exchange transactions accounted for 22.5% of the global exchange trading volume, exchange traded neutral accounted for the global trading volume of 14.4%, no SV exchange station. Also, the exchange trading volume in the first 10 BCH, 1 have not issued a statement, 3 neutral, 5 preference ABC, 1 station ABC.

The coin ring has been quiet for too long, the BCH seems a long time carnival. That night, BCH, BTC bifurcation, ETH value on the currency plunged, the blockchain browser used because of watching too much the number of successive collapse.

Australia Nakamoto also is in force under the backward hiss, said “the game has just begun…… “. Friends joked, Australia Nakamoto in Twitter made a dynamic figure for several days, let the bear does not seem so boring.

 Bitcoin cash for why investors has been a calamity

The ABC chain has more than Jihan Wu on behalf of Australia Nakamoto 36 blocks, but no one claimed victory or failure to exit, there are comments that Australia Nakamoto will continue to launch “BCH ABC” on guerrilla warfare.

The first is battle, there are second times, third times…… Follow certainly quite exciting, BlockBeats will continue to focus on rhythm block reports.

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