Bitcoin cash should decide on what path to follow

As expected, the market price of money yesterday encryption burst again. In the 2018, keep a little upward trend has been proved to be very difficult, the latest round of what no different.

Many people are really excited in the afternoon to see the price of bitcoin. A very strong growth, which once seemed reached a peak of 15%. Although there are still more than half of the revenue still exists, but can not deny that this momentum has changed again.

Today it seems for all money is a slow bleed. In the past 24 hours, bitcoin cash prices rose narrowed to 1%. This is mainly because the currency is losing copycat BTC ratio value, like many encryption assets. The net loss of 3% may be very troublesome, because a lot of people in the past one and a half days are in the back of bitcoin.

There are a lot of cash mixed with bitcoin related news, the good news is that bitcoin donations for America in animal food and drug treatment. Although there are other non-profit organizations also accept the encryption of monetary donations, but now few people will try to use bitcoin cash.

Some people think that it was “ridiculous” to become a real cash bitcoin bitcoin, although the bifurcation of the currency occupies a considerable share in the opposition, but the project in a year after the split is still strong.

Bitcoin future cash price will be very interesting, in most cases, these trends will be positive, mainly because the exchange is from bitcoin to get the most value. Unfortunately, the world’s leading encryption money doesn’t behave like people think, but soon again less than $3800

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