Bitcoin cash war has ended, the price decline remains to be seen

At the beginning of this year, the total market value of encryption currency of more than $828 billion, many people expect it will reach $1 trillion. However, after last year’s speculation, the current bear market has been broken, can not see the end, encryption currency bloodbath bringing the total market capitalisation dropped to 1300 billion and continue to decline.

In the aftermath of the recent collapse, many analysts expect prices will fall further, and is expected to bitcoin will be $3000 or even $1500 around the bottom. However, other people think that this is a good opportunity for long-term buy, because they think the fundamentals are improving.

Another important recent development is bitcoin cash war has ended, bitcoin cash SV decided to move on, let Bitcoin Cash ABC be responsible for bitcoin cash brand. Whether this will lead to encryption prices remains to be seen.

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