Bitcoin cash will be used to pay for music and gift cards and other products

Bitcoin cash will be used to pay for music and gift cards and other products


With BTC the completion of the transaction, costs are higher than ever, small businesses and large mining companies to adopt bitcoin cash (BCH) the situation is increasing. While cloud computing based on GenesisMining encryption currency mineral company announced yesterday will bitcoin cash as automatic trading options, completely all the options for bitcoin mining contract will soon be listed.

GenesisMining was founded in 2013, is one of the world’s largest cloud based crypto currency mining enterprises. It provides the hash function for many miners from all over the world, focus on bitcoin (BTC), as the world currency (Dash), Ethernet (ETH), Fang (LTC), Wright currency Zcash and currency (Monroe XMR). Now, the miners will be their income for bitcoin cash, so as to avoid in trading without them. Once the miners get some bitcoin cash, they can use it to do a lot of things, rather than just transactions, such as payment of music, gift cards and even plastic surgery.

That music record store day before Eruce, has BCH as its official currency payment order album. The company has to accept BTC payment, but now they explained: “in the past 2 months, our customers find it is very difficult to confirm payment. Usually, our album cost from $1 to several dollars. With the continuous development of bitcoin core position, we can not continue with their journey.”

Also, if you need to make some breast augmentation surgery, abdominal surgery or other forms of cosmetic surgery, then you can go to Florida. Sunshine State (Florida alias) plastic surgeons and medical center director Dr. DannySoares recently announced his decision to accept BCH as elective surgery for payment. The good doctor even called for his colleagues to do the same.

Finally, if you are looking to buy Amazon, Steam (a gaming platform (iTunes), is a free digital media by a apple provides Mac and PC using the Starbucks play application), or many other popular services gift card, has been introduced to support relevant website bitcoin cash payment and it only accepts bitcoin cash, providing a platform for business, its products sold to the bitcoin community while avoiding the risk of fluctuations in cash. It lasted just a few weeks, every day spent restrictions and other growing pains, but it will be interesting to see how its development.

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