Bitcoin chief developers think bitcoin is still active after 10 years

Bitcoin chief developers think bitcoin is still active after 10 years

The 48 year old Gavin Andresen is a bitcoin core figure, as the lead developer, he is in charge of a bitcoin open source code, and design the relevant software.

In 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto invited Andresen to join the bitcoin industry. With the help of Nakamoto Andresen, after years of efforts, in the bitcoin world famous and influential.

Some bitcoin enthusiasts also boldly predicted the U. S. Federal Reserve will collapse, poor countries will rise and prosperity through low cost virtual currency transactions. Some bitcoin supporters have a lot of reasons to allow you to invest bitcoin. But Andresen seems to be in order to realize the individual pursuit, he claimed to be a “pursuit of the details of the geek, he thought he could make a success by bitcoin payment, a variety of digital wallets will prevail in 2014. Very Andresen in the field of bitcoin source influence, control and other virtual currency bitcoin fate. Bitcoin is not dedicated to the central bank, to make bitcoin circulation, is designed to make some improvement. Andresen bitcoin made improvement is not only related to bitcoin prospects, also affect other virtual currency.
A wise choice
The source of bitcoin is very mysterious, but people are familiar with the background of Andresen. His real name is Gavin Bell, since 1988, graduated from the computer department of Princeton University, has been engaged in software industry, has been in the Silicon Valley Silicon Graphics computing company for 7 years, then work in a number of start-ups, as for the blind network game development 3D software products. In 2010, he began to contact with bitcoin.
Andresen in order to make bitcoin circulation as soon as possible, and in 2010 founded the Bitcoin Faucet website, every visitors free access to 5 bitcoins (then 1 bitcoin now = $600). He also began to adjust the sending code and modified data to Nakamoto. Bitcoin founder appreciate him and his email address is listed as the only contact in the project page. In December 2010, an article in the Andresen bitcoin forum published the marks he officially joined the bitcoin industry. In this paper, he said: “with the help of Nakamoto Satoshi, I began to develop a more flexible currency management project”, during his conscientious, so in 2013 the bitcoin fund paid him $209648 salary.
Andresen is the brainchild of * * * I speculation that he is Nakamoto, but he has always denied. In April this year, he said in a statement: “I am not Satoshi Nakamoto, I have not seen him, we only use e-mail to communicate. People may not know who he is real.” From the forum posts, hundreds of email messages and code analysis, Andresen and Nakamoto totally different style.
Andresen is committed to the bitcoin industry, claiming to be the pursuit of personal interests, not return. He has a number of bitcoin is unknown, but he says his bitcoin wealth enough to let him enjoy the comfortable retirement. The Andresen family also slowly accept bitcoin, and support his cause.
At the meeting of the Mccann Global Initiative (Milken Global Conference), Andresen to introduce a bitcoin, promote the rigorous, advanced and convenient form of currency. The financial sector has great interest. Since 2010, he began to build the software development team, the main open source projects like Linux. The team includes five core staff, they have the right to change the bitcoin bitcoin transaction processing code. With the increasing value of bitcoin, the Andresen team also improve the relevant software in an effort to fix security vulnerabilities, avoid data paralysis, simplified interface etc.. With the continuous improvement of Nakamoto technology, before leaving slowly out of date, but still retains his 1/3 code.
Recently, Andresen also made some new changes: bitcoin transaction costs will change with trading volume. Although there has been a bitcoin forum to provide technical support, but in the bitcoin code is still less. Now bitcoin worth nearly $8 billion, its shareholders are more and more.
The security vulnerability threat Andresen concerns. In 2010, it has been through a loophole to crack a bitcoin code, which can use any of the bitcoin. Then Satoshi prepared a new code fixes this vulnerability. Bitcoin as a currency in initial stage, invest a lot of money to bitcoin speculation is unwise. The best defense is to let people check their code, but this method is difficult to implement in bitcoin. Bitcoin enthusiasts will not bother to look at the code written by someone else, will only put their code posted in the forum. The recent Heartbleed vulnerabilities of hundreds of websites is a lesson, this vulnerability is an open design by enthusiasts code source code software in a tiny error. Therefore, the design defects can cause bitcoin theft incident. The value of bitcoin still rely on speculation, if the security design of bitcoin does not pass, will lead to price volatility.
Andresen said that in making any major changes, will listen to outside advice. Usually, the value of the currency also need to be authorized users, collective trust. In addition to the Nakamoto code, the code bitcoins designers is the key. The mode of operation of bitcoin will not change much, solve the trading problems, then we need to put the code work. Finally, Andresen said: “I am not worried about the prospect of bitcoin, I will continue to study the virtual currency, believe that after 10 years of bitcoin is still very active.”

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