Bitcoin combined with artificial intelligence to resist sex industry trafficking

nnnRampage comments: because some of the characteristics of Bitcoin, as extortion software and other illegal activities to choose the type of currency used. But this does not mean that the bitcoin itself is not good, because it is just a way of payment. In contrast, Bitcoin transactions can be traced to find illegal activities through bitcoils. So the use of Bitcoin and artificial intelligence, can solve the global sex industry trafficking problem, to save those victims.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nAlthough The Merkle discusses, in essence, Bitcoin is not an illegal asset, but sometimes the offender does use it. However the block chain professional analyst will associate the purse address and determine the information in order to track the payment and find the offender. A recent technology in this area is artificial intelligence, which uses the Bitcoin block chain to discover and help the victims of the sex industry trafficking.n
nBitcoin allows criminals to correspond to crimen
nMost of the encrypted money used for illegal activities has kept me confused, Bitcoin and many other encrypted currencies just use kana, rather than really anonymous, that is to say there is a direct public association between illegal transactions and criminals. Hidden capital and information once meant to coin and similar services, but now it’s already very few. But some people use Bitcoin as a medium for illegal transactions.n
nRecognizing the characteristics of the block chain, Rebecca Portnoff of the University of California at Berkeley helped us to develop artificial intelligence (AI), track links on Bitcoin block chains, and discover and help victims of human trafficking. AI itself can detect suspicious pornography ads on Backpage through machine language algorithms. Once found, the AI ​​uses the public payment information on the chain chain to help identify and recall the person who advertised. Although the site has received a credit card, it is only accepted by Bitcoin. This allows the person on the site to engage in illegal activities exposed to the chain of chain analysts and software under the control.n
nTo understand which ads are suspicious, AI considers a lot of factors. Advertising model, style, design can see who is the design and publisher. Similarly, AI categorizes ads, and data feedback helps AI learn and improve efficiency. Blocks on the corresponding advertising payment address can sit in the case of smuggling.n
nIt is easy to get evidence of crime on the website. The ad has a timestamp, the ad contains contact information, and the block chain provides evidence of non-tampering service payment. The information provided by Bitcoin can prove that they are guilty, in essence, the technology to combat crime.n
nBitcoin creates a better futuren
nAlthough Bitcoin and related technology help to identify and combat criminals make me happy, but I realized that Bitcoin itself will bring crime. I think the technology is not morally good or bad, but its moral value has been affected by the user base. Similarly, someone can use the French currency for crime, Bitcoin can. But the difference is that a currency can be easily tracked, one is difficult to track.n
nBitcoin is not anonymous, but uses kana, so that some people worry. But I believe that this is still desirable. It brings the possibility of tracking the bad guys, to help us to trust the transaction. Bitcoin and block chains can create a better future for us.n
nI look forward to seeing the progress of this AI project and helping the world to tackle the pressing problems of human trafficking.n

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