Bitcoin complete public node number more than 10000

This week, the new Coin data released by Dance, the number of nodes increase public bitcoin. According to reports, a complete public node 10094 now, this is the first time since March more than 10000 public node.


About 95% of the nodes are running Bitcoin Core, this proportion has been stable since the beginning of 2018. Bitcore software followed by control of only 2% nodes.

In addition, there are 56 nodes are still running Bitcoin UASF, this UASF is developed in order to deal with the miners in August 2017 to the SegWit. The media reported last month, many people in the industry believe that this action is a major victory for the business interests of the users.

In the proposed bifurcation, peak UASF node is 1.35k, but in the task after the success of the UASF node quickly reduced the. In the past year, digital has been steadily dropping to the current level. However, hard operation and subsequent BTC bifurcation and the BCH system did stimulate the phenomenal growth of nodes.

At present a lot of software in the iteration after no longer support Bitcoin Core. In this trend before bitcoin Festival (Bitcoin knot) is an exception, last week it has appeared 10 new nodes.

Lightning network

At the same time, lightning network is also in constant development, earlier this month has accumulated to 4000 nodes. This makes the net capacity mainly reached a historical high of 118 bits.

Why run the node?

Any user can run a bitcoin complete node, you might want to do this is to what. If you know what you are doing when you can help the bitcoin network, there will be a warm fuzzy feeling, this is the reason!

Operation nodes can improve the security and privacy of users, because they do not need to rely on third-party service providers. It also allows the user to decide how to develop the network, through the operation of the software to achieve your decision. But it is not as you think so difficult or expensive.

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