Bitcoin continued to decline in December fell 8% Monday to $3790.96

[TechWeb] 12 Sept. 4, according to the American financial media CNBC reports, bitcoin prices fell again in 2018 years last month.

Source: CoinDesk

CoinDesk data show a substantial loss at the end of November, the world’s largest encryption currency fell 8% Monday to $3790.96 lows.

This time last year, bitcoin began to rise to nearly $20 thousand by December last year rose 40%. Since last year, just after Thanksgiving, bitcoin entered the continuous rising channel, mainly because of soaring prices for retail investors to buy.

But bitcoin at the end of this year is another story. Bitcoin prices now since the beginning of January has dropped by 73%. Since January 1st, the trading volume of 24 hours decreased by 56%, while the total market value of crypto currency market fell 80%.

Other encryption currency also fell on Monday. According to CoinMarketCap data, XRP global market value of second fell 5%, Ether fell 8%.

Analysts believe that the price of bitcoin since November fell mainly due to pressure level and the key technology of U.S. regulators decline. A century of Global trade CEO Michael Moro said the key to keep $5850 in support of bitcoin fails, “its price not much effort fell”.

Despite falling prices, but some industry insiders are still optimistic.

Trading platform eToro senior market analyst Marty Greenspan pointed out that a study shows that bitcoin blockchain and employment growth of 300% in a year, “the demand has never been so strong”.

Greenspan said: “in any case, encryption currency industry is currently shining.” (compile / open)

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