Bitcoin continued to decline, volatility is still the biggest problem of encryption

With prices like bitcoin encryption currency continued to decline, the value of the entire digital asset market is more and more low.

People do not understand the benefits of encryption?

However, encryption currency provides different storage value. It is based on the technology of revolutionary (block chain), and has the right to the third world countries and other developing countries to provide financial independence, but prices are falling, because few people use it.

Perhaps the most important reason is that the currency is not accurate encryption of it, such as bitcoin is designed to pay coins.

Bitcoin was originally used as a means to achieve the purchase of goods and services. This is a good idea, but there is a big problem: bitcoin is not stable! The price rising and falling fast, it is willing to accept money as a form of payment for the company will make a serious problem.

Volatility is still the biggest problem of encryption

If retailers offer products at a certain price, some people can use bitcoin to buy. However, tomorrow the value of bitcoin fell by half, which means that the company lost. This is very different with the statutory payment. If you give the company a dollar, they always have a dollar. If you give them a bitcoin, it will be worth $5000 today, but tomorrow, it would be worth $4900, which means that companies have lost $100.

There are still some enthusiasm

However, in spite of the digital asset areas there have been some haze and doom, many companies have no plans to give up the encryption. Although the price is declining, and because prices continued to fall, many encryption companies are filing for bankruptcy, but the other company is this as a potential growth period, and are using these troubled weeks to establish some of their confidence can be extended.

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