Bitcoin continues to fall, breaking 3000 dollars is only a matter of time, or will it go back to zero?

Bitcoin decline for several weeks, yesterday bitcoin prices hit a 15 month low, bitcoin came to $3160.10, which is the lowest level since June 9 2017 15, close to $3000 an important psychological barrier.

Daily FX analyst Nick Cawley said:” With the continuous loss per week, bitcoin fell below $3000 is only a matter of time. In the short term price of bitcoin support fell in September 15, 2017 for $2970 ($3000 below the psychological barrier), in the long run the next price support at a low of $1760 in July 18th.”

Bitcoin within a month lost more than the value of 47%. The chief executive of encryption currency and block chain investment company Blockforce Capital Eric Ervin said: “this is a healthy sell on the market, it’s really just let us back in March 2016 or June, about 18 months ago.”

According to the CrackedMarket Jani Ziedins, shilly-shally means bitcoin buyers the opportunity to move up slowly. He explained: “bitcoin continues to hover around $3000 range. We maintain these levels longer, prices are oversold and ready to pop the less likely. Most of the public encryption currency as a kind of fashion, no new influx of funds. Lack of demand will continue to be a big bear.”

According to CoinMarketCap data, so that the decline of all encryption encryption currency currency market value of nearly $100 billion, the highest since July 31, 2017, the total market value of all the lowest level encryption currency.

Altcoins (bitcoin outside encryption currency) Friday bitcoin cash all decline, a record low. Ethernet (Ether) currency fell 2.8% to $82.84; Wright currency fell 1.5% to $22.48, XRP fell 4.1% to $0.28; Bitcoin cash hit a record low, the transaction price of $78.90, down 10.8%.

Bitcoin futures fell on Friday. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) global market 12 month contract fell to $3150 2.8%, CME Group 11 2.2% fell to $3145 month contract.

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