Bitcoin core developers join full MIT digital currency project

Bitcoin core developers join full MIT digital currency project

April 23rd – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology digital currency initiative ushered in significant progress, the core developer Gavin Andresen (Gavin Andresen), Corey Fields (Cory Fields) and Wladimir van der Laan has announced to join the project full-time.

After the three core developers will serve in the bitcoin foundation, but the foundation is not as a result of the depletion of funds.

MIT digital currency initiative director Brian Forde (Brian Forde) said that the move will bring stability to developers, in recent years the foundation of scandals have caused no small trouble.

Forde said:

“We started trying to support digital currency, can have a lot to do it that way, one of which is to provide a neutral stability as the core developers of the environment. We hope to provide jobs for them, we are responsible for providing resources, so they can focus on code work.”

Gavin said in a blog post, developers collective that Massachusetts Institute of Technology media lab will be the ideal place to work.

Gavin said:

Bitcoin foundation has never been central to the development of bitcoin, bitcoin is the core of the open source software project, which is the same as the most open source software project, there are many bitcoin core developers gained support channels.”

In the post at the end of the transition period, Gavin also received thanks to the support, and work for the future expressed great enthusiasm.

The internationalization of Education Network

In the interview, Ford explained his vision in digital currency bitcoin core development initiative in the role, he said;

“We want to let more students to participate in the development of bitcoin core, it is not only at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but in more schools.”

Ford further suggested that Massachusetts Institute of Technology is not only interested in the University of digital currency, one of his goals is to build a global education network.

“Our interest is not only in the United States, we hope to be able to extend to international, so that more universities involved.” Forde said, adding that:

“We just launched on Wednesday, the pace is one step forward.”

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