Bitcoin crash, can be said to be the largest in the history of the scam!

Bitcoin is a digital currency, a year ago, bitcoin somewhat understand friends are very clear, bitcoin means wealth, a bitcoin is almost the value of a villa, in the industry also has such words spread, “a coin a villa”. Therefore, many people have started mining behavior.

However, for bitcoin really worth it? This topic has been controversial, optimists think bitcoin represents the future, mean value immeasurable, and some people think that bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme, sooner or later, the value must be zero.

This includes many celebrities, financial predators Buffett think the value of bitcoin is a joke, Bill Gates also believes that bitcoin does not create any value, and the country’s richest man Ma Yun also believes that bitcoin bitcoin speculation that is not worth a hair, people are just fancy.

While bitcoin in real world is recognized in 2013, this year, Cyprus into a debt crisis, the EU requirements on Cyprus domestic depositors deposit tax levy in exchange for aid, so the Cypriot people began to panic buying bitcoin to avoid risks, this is the first time to bitcoin as money has been paid function.

However, a week ago bitcoin value fell, itself a few cents. A machine with two thousand miners in the stock market these days a total of more than 30 to dig bitcoin, according to the current price of bitcoin is not high electricity. Many people even started the ore mining abandoned mining machine, to dig bitcoin even electricity are not enough.

But even in some of the garbage recycling, the huge machine are used as scrap, recycling by pounds.

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