Bitcoin crash card price, the GTX1050 for GTX1060 3G

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I believe there are about to crash bitcoins news in a variety of channels before you, this also affects many people’s investment, for example some mining companies to sell equipment downtime, etc.. Because now many algorithms of mining are built on the basis of graphics, so bitcoin crash also directly affect the card prices decline, especially those relatively high-end graphics. We look at the GTX1060 3G.

Before a lot of game player due to the price, in the assembly of the computer when the second choice GTX1050. Before the price of this card is probably floating in 1000 yuan.

GTX1060 3G is to 1700 yuan in March, or even to 2500 yuan + price, more than the value of itself.

The latest GTX1060 3G price has dropped to 1400 yuan, some second and third line brands even start at around 1000

Someone will ask, prices fell so much, now we should start with a GTX1060 3G, to replace the original GTX1050? We then compare the simple judgment. In order to minimize the error, choose seven rainbow flames God of War series as an example.

From the chart we can clearly see that both the core architecture parameters or the frequency of these reactions, stream processor graphics performance, GTX1060 is ahead of GTX1050. By the formula, 1152*1771-640*1556/ (640*1556) =105%, which is theoretically GTX1060 3G than the performance of the GTX1050 105%, is a very horrible upgrade.

Next, look at the 3D MARK score

GTX1060 3G

GTX1050 2G

From the two test 3D MARK, 1060 points at least 1050 more than the 65% 105%, although not so exaggerated, but taking into account the likely effects of test environment, this upgrade is also very good.

The next game performance test, we chose the 6 “killer”, “Tomb Raider: the rise of” two pairs of cards require higher performance of the game

It can be seen that the performance of GTX1060 3G is still more than 1050 higher than a mile, and such a promotion, only 300-500 yuan, it is worth a shot.

Conclusion: both pure parameters, or the actual use, GTX1060 3G is better than GTX1050 on many. In the game, even if the GTX1060 is running in 2K quality, still can smooth play scene game most, and this is GTX1050 to do.

For the game player, such a promotion is a direct gaming experience to improve a grade. Personally think that is worth replacement.

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