Bitcoin crash, Li Xiaolai, Wu Jihan, Snowden how to say?

Since mid November, as the world’s most famous and the most controversial encrypted bitcoin currency, more than ten consecutive trading day down. According to statistics, this year, bitcoin market plunged 75% from its 2017 high evaporation 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan. While bitcoin decline driven by the other encryption currency is a collective decline. According to statistics, in January this year, the overall market capitalization of about about 800000000000 encryption currency, but at present has plunged to $154 billion.

Collapse of bitcoin will undoubtedly make “leek” panicked, pessimistic shadow suddenly enveloped the whole circle of money. In such a situation, the various stakeholders also expressed their own views, which a lot of people have a negative bitcoin cautious attitude.

Set up in Tsinghua digital asset research center conference, Wu Jihan came to CEO bit speech “brought by the development of reflection and inspiration”, which referred to “down 90% currency may also fell 90%”. He said, without the supervision of the financial activities, is the beginning of the disaster.

Compared with Wu Jihan directly, GIFTO founder Tian Hangzhi is more tactful, he said: “the bitcoin price down to remind us of this time last year, is also hard bifurcation, large-scale discussion and condemnation of the same, but the trend is completely different.” In his view, now is the most important problem in the digital currency market size is very small, even can be said to be the “house”, this time last year, a large number of legal tender admission, now did not lead to a drop of. To improve the whole market, only a large number of legal tender admission will appear, now haze too serious, see k line, hope everyone cautiously.

In foreign countries, is currently in exile in the United States leaker Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) on the same watch bitcoin, even think it will finally die out. Recently, in an American Civil Liberties Union non-profit organization (ACLU) in an interview with Snowden said, bitcoin will not last long, will eventually die out. But Snowden remains hopeful of encryption currency, he believes that support bitcoin become the global currency of faith will be transferred to other encryption currency on the body, continue.

Of course, there is also a positive negative nature, even in the bitcoin market slump in the moment, there are still some people still have confidence in bitcoin.

Wave field founder Sun Yuchen micro-blog said the currency, in the darkest moment, we still need to remember any things never change. Block chain, bitcoin, to the center of the application is the future of mankind.

Bitcoin also optimistic about the prospects, there are well-known investors, former HUAWEI chief expert Huang Lianjin blockchain. Huang Lianjin is also in the circle of friends on the bitcoin market has made its own comments: bitcoin in every time after the collapse, the rebound is very powerful, so I feel the bitcoin market should be Yuezhanyueyong, immeasurable future.

China bitcoin market celebrity Li Xiaolai said on micro-blog, the coin ring can be scattered, but you won’t go, and that the “bear laiy are expert”, the evening also used a poem likens himself to fishing, he is still visible bitcoin is full of trust.

Li Xiaolai issued a micro-blog later than the original founder of chain segment star Li Xiaolai also forwarded micro-blog and said, “you must listen to the teacher”.

In addition to the positive and negative two views, there are some people who hold a neutral attitude. They think that bitcoin slump is a normal phenomenon, may bring great negative impact, but also to promote the development of the industry.

Allianz Group, former chief economic adviser to the world’s largest bond fund PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian said in November 27th in Consensus Invest conference: “I think the encryption currency will exist, will become more and more common. But they will eventually become a part of the ecological system, but not as early admission of investors believe that dominate the market.”

Bibox co-founder Ma Ji believes that the game BTC plunged the main source of BCH bifurcation, numerical force between, but the chain is still to block new industries, new market instability in the process of formation is also normal, until there are more participants, more and more financial derivatives transactions, it will become mature.

Minister Maksim Oreshkin of Russia’s economic development made a similar point of view and Ma ji. He said at VTB Capital’s investment forum in Russia on a conference call, although the bitcoin like “soap bubble” as shrinking, but it through increased investment in new technology has a positive impact on the world. Although encryption market problems, but the encryption market has successfully attracted international interest in the project, mainly on the block chain technical interest.

The capital market plummeted from heat, some people have to leave, some people are still chanting. In fact, the face of the status quo of encryption currency, no one can accurately predict the future. But in my opinion, regardless of encryption currency for the development of the industry bring much benefit, for real money to buy currency investors, is indeed caused irreparable damage. The investment need to be cautious, this sentence is also applicable in the field of encryption currency.

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