Bitcoin crash low, it is a digital currency fraud?

Author: 110 bit

The past two days, bitcoin prices fell, the belief of bitcoin investors suffered heavy losses. From the peak of $20000, down now, bitcoin has fallen by more than 70%, countless wealth evaporate. Bitcoin within a short period of two consecutive collapse, that speculators have been dying, is bloody. Many investors have started to doubt not bitcoin is a digital currency.

China has long been banned and digital currency transactions, but failed to stop the enthusiasm of investors for digital currency. So some criminals use people’s greed and ignorance, weaving a variety of digital money scam.

The coin ring veteran who believes that bitcoin crash actually doomed. Bitcoin is a digital currency, although the name of the currency of the banner, but in fact it is not a real currency, but a highly speculative wealth destroyed goods. Money is the essence of national credit, behind this there must be a legal, economic, technological and military state for endorsement.

But behind the currency must have corresponding real wealth, the wealth of money corresponds more or less, but must have the corresponding real wealth. Behind bitcoin does not correspond to the real wealth, wealth does not correspond, also because of the continuous mining has led to the destruction of social wealth.

So, bitcoin is a very unreal thing, want to make money by buying bitcoin, it must be the man behind the high price for the person in front of disk access.

This is a typical Ponzi scheme, no wealth itself, must rely on the people behind the high price to pay, this is blatant scam.

But this kind of digital currency Ponzi scheme, with a strong confusing, because rooted in the Internet, the use of advanced Internet technology, so many people think that is high-tech, but no matter how a coat of the Internet, did not change its nature.

Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, only speculative value, but this kind of Ponzi scheme, and the result is millions of people go bankrupt.

Experts pointed out that digital currency scam has several obvious features:

One is to construct a digital currency, involving the obvious characteristics of fraud. Audit checks of 60 platforms, all do not have the actual claim and no monetary function, the so-called “currency” by their own free manipulation platform;

The two is through the story, the design pattern of attracting investors eye.

The three is to combine a variety of criminal characteristics.

Bit 110 remind investors, if you do not understand what is the blockchain is to follow the trend of investment results or is the cut chives, or fall into the digital currency scam. Therefore, investors in addition to learn knowledge from the formal channels, the blockchain authority on weekdays, but also remember that the sky will not fall, do not easily believe that the market of the so-called “internal” RMB “only rise” and “high return” project.

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