Bitcoin crash, or even a good thing

First of all, I’m not the title of the party.

Admittedly, the recent bitcoin and other virtual currency prices plummeted, causing serious losses to ordinary users, manufacturers and the mines and mills investors. The roof began full of people. Of course, these people in the figure, there may be some unexpected people.

As we all know, due to the characteristics of virtual currency anonymous, a lot of money laundering and terrorism, extreme molecular transnational criminals are love with bitcoin transactions, so that they can monitor is safe from conventional financial institutions and government security departments reconnaissance, the successful implementation of the transfer of assets, goods trading. But the embarrassment, before investment is not worth the money. For example, they use the virtual currency on the black market to sell a number of prohibited items, selling 1 bitcoin $4000, received two bitcoin. Transaction finished trying to resell bitcoin back, a look, only $3000. There was a serious economic crisis in terror!

In addition, those with money laundering bitcoin people to transfer their assets, they will need to buy a large number of bitcoins, disguised to pull up the price of bitcoin bitcoin, stimulate consumption, but when they want to sell. Miserable, bitcoin is worthless! Although the short time they hold for a few days, but who think bitcoin fell so fast!

For the use of virtual currency for illegal and criminal activities of the people, or not to carry out criminal activities!

Now let’s look at the title, is not for ordinary people and government security departments, bitcoin fell, also disguised terrorists and criminals caused a severe blow, do a good thing for society?

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