Bitcoin crash”! The history of the biggest scam to collapse, a one trillion years of evaporation

Bitcoin crash”! The history of the biggest scam to collapse, a one trillion years of evaporation during this week recently, our big boss of virtual currency bitcoin has embarked on a crash mode, is falling down. We are also in the bankruptcy of the speculators farther and farther down the road, it is everywhere. Some netizens even said they had the highest value when bitcoin has invested thousands of yuan, up to now, thousands of Yuan had invested more than 2000 just now.

While bitcoin in this week’s big drop also make a lot of people are desperate, there are a lot of people have decided to leave. But the more senior game player said he had a loss of more than eighty-five percent, declared bankruptcy. The peak of the bitcoin a $19 thousand, up to now a $4000 bitcoin. It can be said directly fell several times. In this era, what does not earn steady pay it? Maybe no one knows.

In recent years, we made rich virtual currency can be said to be in the world of business history is not simply. But in the past few years began to wear the bitcoin currency a villa in the last year is so many people crazy. Many people in bitcoin last year peak of the non-stop to buy buy. But today the clearance. We had to sigh the ecological Yanliang time.

While this game bitcoin can be said to be very crazy, but his start and end for now people who are unable to imagine a thing. Who can think of a virtual currency can be turned in seven years or four million times crazy? Who can think of bitcoin is a bubble tragedy much for economic history? Behind this game, is not a hoax behind or at the time of the nnocently people know how much the currency no one knows, but it is a bubble in human history is the history of the largest one.

If the property market is the most crazy place, but the ratio of bitcoin or worse a lot, because even if the property market in the crazy, just doubled up even in a few years. But no one knows exactly how much value this virtual currency, so this is an outlet for people to gamble all of the rich, many people afraid of their own miss this chance to become rich.

In the last year, when bitcoin peak, a RMB $20000 in wealth creation myth. According to U.S. media reports, at the time Chinese bitcoin has the largest number of people is to lie. Because Lee revealed his hand to his owner at least six digit bitcoin. And we are in accordance with the minimum of six digits one hundred thousand to calculate, then Li Xiaolai can be said to be more than ten billion of the net worth.

But to Xiao Bian, the economy is just bubble will eventually disappear in the world. Now we know this is probably a huge scam, up to now, how much profit in this scam is not how many people know, because people are very low-key currency speculation. No one knows their worth. No one knows who they are. But in this game, how many people came a cropper also nobody knows, because it is a group of a group of people doing up billions of dollars of net worth.

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