Bitcoin crash, you dare hunters?

There are people in the knowledge of the planet asked me a question yesterday: at present what currency is more suitable for hunters. I said bitcoin hunters and etheric most insurance money. He answered me 1CO cool, Ethernet may not be insurance. I think in the, Ethernet not insurance, other insurance money now.

According to the statistics of foreign Block this media display, 1CO project currently hold a total of about 3 million 570 thousand ETH, accounting for ETH of the total supply of 3.5%, over the past two months, the 1CO project only sold about 170 thousand ETH, accounting for only 1CO project holds ETH 4.6% of the total, so On the market the so-called “1CO ETH” project in the sell-off is not valid.

So the ether prices fell 1CO really not back the pot. In addition to the developer community workshop is the etheric bitcoin outside and one of the most powerful ecological project, if it is cold, the other copycat money or not to go. A lot of people ask me XX money can bargain hunting. Really, to buy coins and coins can be ether. A very simple thing.

On the misunderstanding of the hunters. A lot of people want to copy the disposable baby. Who do you think you are? So Niubi you. No one can buy at the lowest point, no one can sell at the highest point. The lowest and the highest point of the so-called, is actually a price range, according to average count. So the bear hunters, in other words, is also is scheduled to vote in batches Jiancang. Now if you have the cash, then the investment is the best way.

A private chat I hunters issues yesterday he said he knows, these big money hunters bitcoin currency Ethernet is the most stable, but after the market is too big, too many times may not be enough. He wanted to copy some higher multiples. I still stick to my opinion: sometimes fast or slow. The long run, get hold of large capitalization currency income will be far greater than you expected. At least, the market value of holding currency, will let you and the market revenue was flat. Must be 20% of the funds to win high-yield, accompanied by high risk. 80% to hold large coins.

The configuration is really important. No configuration about your money volume. Really Not because of the small volume of funds is to ignore the configuration. After a complete CBBC conversion, will be more and more aware of the importance of the configuration. Riches do not conflict and configuration. You can use the 20% funds to stud. The remaining funds do not move 80%. This is equivalent to their own on the one insurance and left a retreat. 20% of the funds to kill the red eye.

Each group really have no one to speak. But I suggest the best every day to pay attention to the industry dynamics. Or wait for the next bull market opens, you will be allowed to catch the rhythm of hot, slow, slow pace than others. You will take off your thigh, why is always slow a little regret. In fact, the reason lies in the bear market. Don’t alienate the market. Keep attention. Continuous learning.

The so-called accomplish the whole task at one stroke.

Reprinted: SorosReport

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