Bitcoin crazy 1 trillion market value evaporated after mining, the company declared bankruptcy!

Digital currency can be said that in recent years there has been a virtual heat investment products, the most crazy time in 2017 December the highest price is as high as 19000 more than a dollar. Today, the market price is down more than half, only $more than 4500 / piece. To go crazy, crazy.

A digital currency, bitcoin’s market value fell to 1 trillion, mining company also collapse.

It can be said that in 2017, 2018 years, the price of bitcoin appeared in the “roller coaster” shocks, the highest price in 2017 of $19891.99 a, and now only in more than 4500 dollars a. If the calculation of evaporation from the highest point of the market value reached 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan!

In 2017 the domestic mining enterprises to follow the trend of plant? Today there is a short video, a worker using dumpers in transit abandoned mine bitcoin mining machine. From the picture point of view, pile up like a mountain hand. It is in accordance with the price of iron ore, by the burden of selling.

Of course, not better than domestic bitcoin market, foreign bitcoin mine is very good? The same is not good. There is a bitcoin, mineral company Giga Watt company declared bankruptcy recently, its main business is the “mining”, and through the way of bankruptcy filing for bankruptcy, estimated value of assets less than $50 thousand, and the debt is as high as 10 million -5000 million. Out and out to leave the virtual currency market. An important reason is that failed to resist bitcoin crash.

Origin of bitcoin:

Bitcoin, originally P2P network code data by Nakamoto in 2009 in the design and construction of open source software developed, it is a kind of digital currency P2P situation. The product support is now called a block chain technology, and fit to the center point of the load distribution data storage function.

In 2008 the United States under the influence of the “subprime crisis”, a self proclaimed Nakamoto who posted a research article, this article is to make the electronic currency bitcoin imagination. Thus, digital currency bitcoin officially launched. Based on the far away is similar to the whole “mine” is equivalent to a certain number of digital equations, and this number has a total of 2100 equation solution, every answer is equivalent to a bitcoin, similar to the disintegration of the password, and the corresponding number of different time to “dig” bitcoin is not the same.

So in this background, bitcoin has, but also has a number of limitations. Of course, each corresponding to a bitcoin is actually a string of code. This code is fixed, which is the solution of equations.

Of course, Nakamoto is expected to use the initial payment to digital currency reform, and this code only need between software to transfer, and again the data backup, update, so do the absolute security of data. The equivalent conversion between data and data and can update each other, and each code is equivalent to a secret key, only through their own to be able to pay and transfer.

The advantages and disadvantages of three, bitcoin:

Bitcoin can be said to update the modern understanding for money, and to the point of payment settlement, trading, with its great advantage.

Advantages: 1, to the center of the point of the formation of block technology, for the preservation of data more perfect;

2, there is no national boundaries, with the potential of world currency;

3, with updated currency valuation trend of other products, and there are limited.

Disadvantages: 1, there is no value, just a bunch of digital code;

The presence of 2, the platform risk, although the code type crack geometry, but to have bitcoin, there may be stolen;

3, the establishment of platform management system is not perfect, there are still many problems, the ability to pay.

Four, Nakamoto “who is it?

The most amazing story in addition to digital currency bitcoin, but also around who is the founder, the coin ring, ring, ring and mathematical finance financial circles all want to know who is the Cong. Because this time theory and system construction is to use the “Nakamoto” name, but who really do not know. There are several versions:

1, Nakamoto is a professor of mathematics at Kyoto University Mochizuki Shinichi. Recognition of the extent of this argument is the highest, because the Mochizuki Shinichi conjecture of ABC fame proved in 2013, coupled with the “genius” of the life, the mathematical community star, at the age of 22 to 33 years old, leaving, can become a professor. So, is widespread and that he was “nakamoto”.

2, the U.S. National Security Bureau and relevant departments. This is a rumor, said the United States is for the next monetary revolution in preparation, and the most promising is the digital currency. So bitcoin is a prelude to the trial and promotion.

Of course, there are many for Nakamoto “rumors, but who, who do not know.

Five, bitcoin in the end there is no value?

What is the value of digital currency? Theoretically speaking is a string of code data, there is no value. But the needs of many people, there is a price, transaction, so the price will be set up, data has become a commodity. But behind this “commodity” has no use value, only the “heat” of “transaction” and “speculation” “money” “other” values.

This “money” like what? It seems that “go gold ability” of the “Jamaica system” of the currency, which can be separated from the gold and then open the printing press to print money. “White paper” for gold. Digital currency is the same reason, as long as there is demand, there is supply, one transaction, then it has a price, it has indistinct value “”.

This “value” from the foundation approved by both parties, the existence of the game. If the majority of investors believe the price is high, and gradually sold bitcoin, then the price will fall. If the majority of investors in the funds in the hands of the rich, buy bitcoin gradually, so the price will rise. To think from the side, not only can reflect the investor’s heat, there are still investors if there is an excess surplus funds for other types of investment.

Of course, since it is agreed to the price, so the impact is also very rich. Like a stock, but also affected is the policy, macro economy, monetary policy and international situation, foreign exchange rate.

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