Bitcoin currency collapse: a devaluation of its circle of screams, over 90% hunters the opportunity to?

Bitcoin currency collapse: a devaluation of its circle of screams, over 90% hunters the opportunity to?

In 2018, bitcoin has just reached the age of 10, but it is the 10 birthday celebration of what is good. Because the price continued to fall, so many people in the world have lost a lot of money, some people go bankrupt. In November 15th, bitcoin prices fell below $6000; four days later, below $5000. After a round of diving is like falling prices, the money market a groaning.after encryption. Bitcoin currency collapse, a circle of whining, machine depreciation of 90%, it was ready to buy the dips. Let’s see the coin circle of people!

In November 25th, bitcoin prices fell sharply, the day fell to less than $25000. As of 25 PM, a day down to 18%, which is since 2017 a new low price. The past week, for people just like the coin ring, a nightmare, bitcoin prices fell more than 30%.

According to reports, Bloomberg said, since 2017 soared to let bitcoin bubble, beyond many economic bubble in history. Since the encryption currency fell nearly 50000 yuan market value, but also can not see any traces of stop. A lot of the 2018 crash, the reason, for example, countries increasingly stringent industry regulation of currency circle infighting and so on.

Even if the price fell badly, there are still a lot of money in the circle of people do not want to exit. There are a lot of people hold the conspiracy theory, suspect this is some in the industry to do is to make a lot of money in them. However, these people may have been completely secure bitcoin people. The more so, the more convinced that the future of bitcoin soared will usher in the spring, because this is their last hope of riches.

Prices continue to decline, resulting in many institutions began selling bitcoin, it brings the mines closed, some exchanges run away. Even some of the prices, the cost breakdown of the mining machine. China’s Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces of low electricity prices, some small and medium-sized mines, has the machine winding up.

According to authoritative reports, in order to present the best selling machine as an example. The power machine is 1365w, power consumption of more than 32 degrees every day, once 0.4 yuan. Without considering other maintenance costs, only with a mine is calculated, mining costs up to 3.6 million yuan. That is to say, now the vehicle has become a “scrap”.

Bitcoin winter, let production machine industry giants of the day, is not good. Before the prices fluctuate when the machine is really hard to find a machine, its market is showing explosive growth. Even once the lack of capacity to buy a machine, the price is rising. In the profit driven, the three giants, led by the rapid rise in bit. In 2018, the three companies have submitted a listing application, but no one can.

Since 2017, many countries have banned digital currency, prohibit its trading in china. At the same time, the relevant institutions of the United States also refused to mining giants listed request. In 2018 November, listed in the foreseeable future bit, still strong, in this cold wave. Then add to 20 thousand yuan a mill, now Huaqiang North of less than 1600 dollars, down 90%.

Some people think that bitcoin can save about, because a similar plunge is not uncommon in history. From being Nakamoto founded to now, it has experienced three times and every time after the crash, crash, will usher in substantial price growth. This is a lot of money circles, why not abandon bitcoin. Said so much, do you think bitcoin really? Welcome to share and discuss in the message area. The wealth of the reform and development of science and technology, I will be with you!

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