Bitcoin day fell over 14% 2018 digital currency market crash or a foregone conclusion

China times so describes the digital money market: if you can not use the word “crash” to describe the overall performance of encrypted digital currency this year, the outside world has not know what words can be expressed in the completely reduced to “fix” Dojo market.


Following Thursday plunged nearly 14% Monday afternoon after the Asian plate, bitcoin fell again, fell below $5200-4700 after six integer mark, constantly refresh at least low in October 2017. As of Monday, U.S. stocks closed in the past 24 hours, bitcoin plunged nearly 15% or 800 dollars, mainstream digital currency mostly showed double-digit decline. According to the bitstamp data platform, bitcoin traded at $4891.7000.

It is worth noting that, especially on the morning of 20 this time, bitcoin in just a few hours, 5000, 4900 consecutive below $4700, 4800, four mark integer. In other words, you sleep wake up, bitcoin world changes.

Bitcoin digital currency market fell broke the calm, led the other mainstream digital currency fell. Nearly a week of time, coins, coins, etheric Gerbaud Wright currency were to fall.

“From the K line chart, so far this year’s trading day, bitcoin trend is typical, all digital currency showed unilateral down little rebound, fled makers retail quilt. Used to describe the current market performance and the collapse of the holder to reflect the state of mind, a little too much.” 11 month 20 day, watching digital currency crash of the stock market figure, a Shanghai analyst Wang Jiaer (a pseudonym) said helplessly.

The digital currency industry downturn affecting not only the price. The main GPU manufacturer NVIDIA (NVIDIA) recently announced, the quarter sales decreased significantly, the reason is for the crypto currency mining GPU sales decline, the stock has depreciated.

Bitcoin plummeted, almost all the analysis will be “targeted” to bitcoin cash (BCH) “hard bifurcation”. China News Agency, China is the train to understand, in a survey of bitcoin wallet platform letter of the users, a total of 82.6% users think BCH bifurcation is hard reason of current bitcoin fell.

What is the future of bitcoin will be like?

When the Chinese newspaper article said, if someone tells you that bitcoin will fall before 75%, you believe it? Perhaps you do not believe, just like three years ago, you wouldn’t believe bitcoin will rise to $20 thousand, while ten years ago he was only a dollar. If bitcoin fell 75% is $1500 / month, you should believe, after all, there is no one will say it fell to $1 starting point.

In November 18th, overseas investment research firm Intelligence analyst believes that overseas encrypted digital money market mainstream opinion that the global currency market has entered the winter, bitcoin will be dropped to $1500, other coins prices fell space is 70%.

From a more macro perspective, China Chinese, former deputy governor of the Bank of new supply side economics forum of 50 members of Wang Yongli believe that bitcoin is not real money, the reason is as a kind of network currency, application scenario is less, and should play a measure of value of money to work, the most fundamental requirement is to keep the currency the relative stability of currency.

But Wang Yongli also stressed that bitcoin is not real money, does not mean it has no value, like gold currency exit stage, does not mean that it has no value.

China financial institute, the people’s Bank of China former governor Zhou Xiaochuan recently pointed out that according to the existing concept of digital currency into digital currency and central bank private sector digital currency, digital currency can also include public-private partnership.

In this regard, surging news said, in the above distinction means that digital currency and the development of electronic payment may be a variety of parallel development, before the competition, but also to the regulators and the central bank presents a challenge that the future is uncertain.

(self: China times, surging news network, Sina Finance)

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