Bitcoin day over 14% more than a year down another low

Bitcoin day super 14% hit a more than a year down low

According to news reports, from Beijing time 19, 8 to 20, 8, bitcoin in 24 hours was 14.26%, demoted to $793, at $4766. During the period, the price is $4694, and constantly refresh the lowest since October 2017.

Especially 20 at this time, bitcoin in just a few hours, continuous below $5000, $4900, $4800, $four mark integer 47,00.

Other mainstream digital currency is also affected by the fall of bitcoin. Nearly a week of time, coins, coins, etheric Gerbaud Wright currency were to fall.

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index opened low today

According to the first financial report today (20) on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index dikaidizou. As of closing all day long, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index fell across the board, the market turnover compared with the previous trading volume.

As the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets closed all day long, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2645.85 points, down 57.66 points, or 2.13%, turnover of 180 billion 900 million yuan; Shenzhen stock index closed at 7879.52 points, down 229.33 points, or 2.83%, turnover of 241 billion yuan; the gem index closed at 1355.33 points, down 39.07 points, down 2.80%, turnover of 66 billion 780 million yuan.

The implementation of the temporary traffic arrangements Macao removing racing crash bar

According to the Macao traffic bureau today (20) news, sports bureau with the demolition of large car bumpers, Ming (21) morning at 9:30 to 11:30, we go a park between the road and the horse stone fort Dragon Pavilion in the implementation of closed traffic. In the meantime, 2 (to Yongning Square), 2A (the Oriental Pearl) and 6A (to Yongning Square), 18 (to pasture Street), 18B (to Yongding Street) and H2 (to kuaiziji club house) bus route will be diverted, the original line at the station remained unchanged.

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