Bitcoin developers split Insider: as a coup

Bitcoin developers split Insider: as a coup

Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 19th morning news, the disagreement between the main developer of bitcoin, is whether they should modify the digital currency software, in order to achieve more and faster trading debate.

Bitcoin is a kind of network encryption based on currency, it provides a no third party verification can be rapid expansion in the global scope of the anonymous remittance channels. This feature also attracted all kinds of users want to avoid capital control, both the drug traffickers, there are geeks.

On Saturday, two key figures of bitcoin field developed another bitcoin bitcoin version, they are the chief developer (Gavin Andresen) – Gavin Anderson and Mike Hearn (Mike Hearn).

For months, Anderson and Hearn has been in contact with the other 3 bitcoin chief developers debate: whether bitcoin transaction processing in block should be in the present to further expand on the basis of 1MB, in order to be able to pay per second more than 3 pen.

This new version of bitcoin bitcoin named XT, it will increase the capacity of block to 8MB, can be completed 24 transactions per second. Although far less than the processing speed of VISA per second 20 thousand transactions, but in the future will increase each year, so bitcoin will continue to grow.

Against bitcoin XT think, increase the capacity of block may destroy the decentralized payment system of the mind, because the extra computer memory requirements may be the independent “nodes” thousands out of this network.

Some people think that this marks the end of bitcoin split. But Hearn on Tuesday the Reuters said that regardless of whether XT bitcoin is accepted, this encryption currency will continue to exist.

“If we think it may ruin bitcoin’s future, we will not do so.” He said. He added that since last Saturday, about 10% of the nodes have agreed to use bitcoin XT.

But bitcoin traders don’t seem to worry too much, although its value since last Saturday has been on the Bitstamp exchange fell by about 4%, but for this digital currency is not too large, it appeared earlier this month a one-day decline of more than 6%.

Anderson and Hearn believe that the invention Nakamoto bitcoin hope that with the progress of technology to expand the processing capacity of the digital currency, in order to expand its reach. But opponents argue that bitcoin never wants to challenge the traditional payment system.

“I am concerned about the matter from the beginning, I think this is a coup.” Bitcoin foundation founding director Joe mahto (Jon Matonis) said nice. Anderson served as chief scientist at the fund.

According to the bitcoin XT software program settings, nothing will change until next January 11th. If at that time, there were 75% confirmed bitcoin transactions registered for this mining computer software will automatically switch to the bitcoin XT. If you do not reach the goal of 75%, will maintain the status quo.

Before that, this problem is likely to lead to heated debate. A wise people claiming to even participate in online discussion, he supported the bitcoin core team, and that XT is “fake bitcoin bitcoin”. But most people think this is a fake satoshi.

The wise people claiming the bitcoin wrote: “the intention is to let people from certain influence of the charismatic leader, even if he is Carmen – Anderson, Obama or Barack nakamoto.”


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