Bitcoin development fund will focus on bitcoin core code

Bitcoin development fund will focus on bitcoin core code

Bitcoin foundation has announced that they will put down bitcoin propaganda, education and public policy initiative task, the focus shifted to the development of the core code.

This decision was made by many members of the organization through three research results, participants including the foundation of internal and external members, they hope that the foundation can pay more attention to bitcoin core code development work.

The Fund said on its official blog:

“In the beginning, the foundation won almost all the work, including public policy initiatives, education and promotion, as well as the development of the core code, the main reason is that no other people doing such a thing. Fortunately, we have gone through this long road, the entire ecosystem becomes mature, like any start-up companies, it is time to take off his hat, and began the process of specialization.”

The organization said in a blog, they will shift the focus to the development on the core code, this will provide more funds and resources. The fund will be announced to launch education seminars, recruiting more developers into the bitcoin core code development.

Mentioned in the blog:

“We are the practical steps to change the route is: put down some of the core code has nothing to do with the thing, in preparation for the next few months at least to hire a full-time developers, from the beginning of 2015, in the world we will have at least 4 developer training and certification seminar.”

The results of the survey

The three survey mainly concentrated in member of bitcoin foundation, including enterprises and individuals, as well as the general public, the majority of surveyed members were from Europe and the United States, one member of bitcoin foundation 44% said that they would like to see the development of the organization can focus more on the core code, according to the results, 230 participants 106 of the people support the decision. The members of the community are more support, there are 56% members expressed support for training activities.

52% the individual member of bitcoin foundation said that they support the development of bitcoin open source technology, for them, the core code is the most important task of the organization of the survey, community members and members of the enterprise, respectively, 56% and 44% of respondents supported the development of the core code.

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