Bitcoin ensanguined

The gods fight, the people suffer.

“I have a coin circle of friends, and I talk to buy the ring last year (Beijing) real estate which. Today when we met for dinner, he said to me: Hello, this is your takeaway.”

One day, down 12%; January, fell 42%; within a year, fell 77%, the market value of the evaporation of 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan!

The blood in the sea, no sleep money ring.

Over 8 years up to 25 million times the bitcoin, has turned into countless people in purgatory.

At the end of 2017, bitcoin is still 20 thousand high of $10 bitcoin overlooking the world, can buy a Mercedes Benz S500 car, 100 bitcoin can buy Sanju room in Shenzhen…… But in the 2009 year, $1 will be able to exchange 1309 coins.

The history of all asset bubbles, in front of all bitcoin is rubbish.

However, by the end of this year, currency circle seems to have become miserable than congress”:

“I have a coin circle of friends, and I talk to buy the ring last year (Beijing) real estate which. Today when we met for dinner, he said to me: Hello, this is your takeaway.”

“7 years in the currency speculation, loss first car, after thousands of dollars for housing, limit, nowhere bleak.”

“At the beginning of the year to buy 20 dollars, now the loss of over one million.”

But in 10000, 7000, 5000 U.S. dollars mark, there are still people hunters and hunters, but the bottom breakdown breakdown again. The minute ruined feeling, really ecstasy.

The most miserable leek, who also miserable Chongqing girl yang. In September 5th this year, bitcoin fell below $7000, the huge loss of 120 million people directly.

According to Yang girl readme: day plunged, lost 40 million too, but the other 80 million, sincerely convinced; she is suspected to be in the OKEX platform under the control of the warehouse explosion.

A coin into the circle of error for life, in addition to leek, and listed companies.

The new three board company Tieqi “Chairman Zhang Yanqing, it exposes 100 million deficit currency speculation. 2018 years 2 months 6 days, he broke the positions in the trading platform, lost 500 bitcoin; 5 22 April wallet upgrade, and then lost a bitcoin 800. Because of currency speculation, cash strapped companies thanks to 2 million.

In Hongkong, the 5 hedge fund because of currency speculation turned shangfanghu.

Currency speculation is very sad, not speculation more regret.

In December 21, 2011, the “small bamboo” in the know and asked: “Junior have 6000 yuan, what a good financial investment advice?”

Babbitt, founder of long swords replies: “buy bitcoin, save the wallet files, and forget about it, five years later to see.”

The 6000 block is the “small bamboo” save the first scholarship. She didn’t buy bitcoin, nor do the investment, but a trip to Hangzhou to play out.

It was calculated that the “small bamboo” do, about to buy more bitcoin 800. According to the end of 2017 $1.9 million price, the value of 1 billion yuan. Even collapse to around $4000, equivalent to 2000 million yuan.

The answer is the long sword, by creating a block chain project than the original chain (BTM), the project market value of 76 billion, net worth individuals unfathomable.

Ordinary life and the billionaire’s distance, originally a bitcoin.

Riches are not isolated cases of long swords.

Guo Hongcai said, “master Bao”, early in Pingyao to sell beef, wages less than 5000 yuan. In the Zhongguancun garage coffee, he first heard of bitcoin, began construction of mining field. Now thousands of bitcoin in hand, Rolls-Royce, luxury villas are perennial for block chain project site, net worth billions of dollars!

Li Xiaolai, known as “the richest man in bitcoin”. Early is the New Oriental English teacher, reportedly has six digit bitcoin, net worth was as high as 7 billion.

Fired to block chain explosion and fire EOS, a white paper will be able to finance 10 billion, 1000 billion valuation code not written……

On the fast money, stocks, real estate, drug trafficking, rob a bank, but do all bitcoin.

But here, never create wealth, only in the continuous transfer.

“Coin circle one day, one year on the earth”. Whether the money is earned, this sentence is very reasonable.

Unlike currency speculation, mining costs, the industry is “dry”. But the digital currency plummeted, mine sweeping the globe, but arrived in mining electricity, let “Mills by catty sale” On the hot search.

The price of 0.4 yuan per kilowatt, 17 kinds of digital currency hit “off price”.

Cheng is tazhun the bear dance, a step by step into the pit”.

At the end of 2017, Cheng came to Beijing with money ring bar. There was no shortage of mouth is millions of business people, even a flicker of Cheng Ho throw million investment, built a machine with 500 small mines.

By digging bitcoin, Cheng has earned the “first pot of gold”. Now the big blessing, a tiger with wings added. But throughout 2018, currency price stumble endlessly, return the way down. Through the top more than 20 provinces, looking for cheap electricity. On November, the bitcoin in one fell swoop below $5000 off the price”. Cheng had to sell mine, closed down.

“Go to Inner Mongolia in winter, summer to Sichuan, had” tried and true “mining motto, hard now.

In November 6th, BTCC is once among the third global pool, suddenly announced suspended indefinitely, without warning, fell on the cold in the circle of money.

November 20th, The United States is the first top force field “one billion watt” (Giga Watt) declared bankruptcy. On 2017, the day also make $100 thousand super mine. Now suddenly fall, also owed $7000 million in debt.

It pours, countries are taking advantage of the “mine” to fight.

In October 2018, Washington issued a ban on mining, improve the mining of electricity. The effect is immediate, in the local “one billion watt” fell.

11 months, Guizhou, Xinjiang are suddenly asked to hand down mine power outage rectification, a large.

Some people resign homecoming, people who catch the starry night.

Large and small mines, go dead escape injury, some old game player is in “for the purchase of second-hand vehicle”. Veterans who experienced similar ups and industry, more and more low, the more panic approach, because people can get low-cost electricity 0.28 yuan, down near the lowest to 3000 dollars.

Between countries, also experienced a major reshuffle of mining.

In August 2018, Russia and Leningrad will the Soviet Union a fertilizer laboratory, built the largest mine. This area of 4000 square meters, idle for 20 years, equipped with more than 3000 sets of machine, so that the local government is overjoyed. Leningrad vice governor are indulgent, personally to mine the opening ceremony, in addition to warmly welcome the global miners to mining, with their more make complaints about nuclear power plant electric cable, babe Don’t end.

11 11, a Norway mining company also decided to take advantage of the bear market to restart mining area.

Ordinary people see the coin ring prices collapse, master saw is stress sag, improve the efficiency of mining.

Others are greedy, I fear, I fear the greed of others, also suitable for digging mining.

Individual miners more joy. Canada has miners after losing money, directly to the six Taiwan machine into a heater, both entertaining, and warm yourself. If the currency price rise, but again.

In 2017, the “machine king” bit S9, stir to 20 thousand block is also hard to find a machine. Now, the second-hand S9 does not sell in Shenzhen Huaqiang North 1600 block, plunged 90%.

11 2018 22, listed in the foreseeable future bit, the mine to mill D5, released a new DR5, is shivering in the wind.

But in the eyes of many people, the world’s first mining company is not completely worthy of sympathy. This coin ring collapse, is the initiator of evil bit continent.

2013, Peking University Graduate Wu Jihan founded, bit. With powerful performance and countercyclical practices, just 3 years to become the world’s mining industry is dominant, not only the market share topped the monopoly of the 70% mine, the mine pool and self managed, also once occupied about bitcoin global stress 80%.

In the “center” of the bitcoin world, has more than 51% is the basic force can do whatever they want. Although full of irony, but Chinese Wu Jihan is in fact the “king of bitcoin”.

Even the tofu curd, lantern, daoxiangcun Glutinous Rice Balls will appear in North South dispute, not to mention the shock of global bitcoin?

8 2017 1, bitcoin core maintenance team, and the outbreak of war expansion bit. Wu Jihan with hashrate hegemony, strong push “hard bifurcate” in the bitcoin (BTC) on the basis of students to create a copycat – currency bitcoin cash (BCH).

You can be understood as “hard fork”, “father of separation”: if bitcoin (BTC) is the “father”, then bitcoin cash (BCH) is the son of”.

Some people think that the “father” is authentic Shaolin and has a long history, worthy of bitcoin hero worship, son is always the copycat coin; others think, “son” inherited the glorious tradition of the blockchain ancestors, is the successors of bitcoin.

But bitcoin, no longer had the bitcoin.

People are still in for who is “authentic bitcoin” arguments, bitcoin cash (BCH) and infighting. This is the self proclaimed Nakamoto Australian CSW (“Macao Satoshi”), and Wu Jihan fell out.

Then, the “son of money” bitcoin cash (BCH), will once again split into BCH ABC (Wu Jihan) and BCH SV (Ao Bencong) two types “Art of coins”.

In November 15, 2018, bitcoin cash (BCH) is definitely and the digital currency plummeted across, begin at the same time.

Australia claimed their core strengths of the Cong is rich, vowed to “Niancheng bit, slag”.

But China mine Jihan Genghen PA Wu, day ho throw 100 million subsidies to attract global miners, hashrate joined the BCH ABC camp.

In Inner Mongolia, the world’s largest Ordos, bit field deployed here, 25 thousand sets of its day and night. In addition, Wu Jihan in Xinjiang emergency deployment of 9 million Taiwan machine, ready to take /.

11 June 21, bitcoin cash (BCH) ABC, BCH bifurcation hard, BCH SV their stable currency. But exactly who wins, there is no conclusion.

Some exchange that the longest chain of BCH ABC has been successfully inherited BCH, to make BCH SV completely from the market; but soon, BCH SV to 52.37% the surge in color, in the collapse of the market on a thriving.

Think Wu Jihan will win, did not give up the Macao Cong said: the game has just begun!

But most people think, this is the force war, does not have the winner.

Some people think that bitcoins can still rescue. A similar plunge, bitcoin is not rare in history.

Beginning in November 2011, fell to $2 from $30, down 93%;

Beginning in December 2013, fell to $170 from $1166, down 85%;

Since December 2017, fell below $4000, down 77%.

Every time after the crash, bitcoin will usher in more retaliatory shot.

But when the first split into bitcoin bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin has to change.

A hard fork, means that in the currency of the birth of a copycat is the strongest. In the encryption currency world, this is called more than 51% of the work force; But in the stock market, such behavior is called “zuozhuang”.

The coin ring bosses suddenly found, as long as with hard bifurcation, can the body very good in their own currency in the copycat, eat joss stick. Then, a bit of gold, diamonds, super bit bitcoin 90 “son of money” on stage. Bitcoin cash (BCH), is only one of the most famous.

Now, “the grandson came out two coins”, then “son” his coins, coins, coins — “be far behind?

This means that bitcoin “to the center” and 21 million of the total had been reduced to a consensus. “Copycat” can’t stop, “inflation” is not controllable, engage in bifurcation, cut chives is serious.

“Consensus, collapse” is the basic logic of this encryption currency collapse. Some people predict that bitcoin will again cut or cut, fell to about $1500.

But fell into this, bigwigs did not have a deficit? Hold the view of the conspiracy theory that: not only do not lose, but make.

For example, people can manipulate the super bifurcation is bad. The bifurcation before the dealer can add leverage in encrypted currency futures on big short, bifurcation after the backhand to do more, the absolute earned windfall profits. To some extent, people can not even rule out the possibility of Macao and Wu Cong Jihan jointly zuozhuang.

However, people hold up easily suffer from Stockholm syndrome. The more secure, more firmly believe that bitcoin’s most scarce, cryptography security, encryption currency will usher in the next year after soaring million times in spring. After all, this is the last hope a lot of rich people.

For this kind of patients to recommend a good place, Edinburgh is the British castle Craig hospital: where the environment elegant, fresh air, a old Chinese medicine, cures “bit addiction”, 6 weeks, 9000 pounds a week, a total of 50 million yuan is your normal life.

The following sentence, may help people save 500 thousand.

Warren Buffett always warned: Bitcoin is a mirage, is the transfer of funds approach, are the two side of rat poison. Crypto currency is not made at the end, you can do, is as far as possible.

Former Chongqing mayor Huang Qifan, said it is a great truth: All the financial was very complicated, all is a liar!

This article from the Chinese military strategy, entrepreneurial department authorized the release, omitted after editing, the copyright belongs to the author, only as independent views of the author. [attention of entrepreneurs, read Chinese 7000 profitable business]

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