Bitcoin ETF: the world’s first ETF encryption currency has been approved

The world’s first encryption currency ETF has obtained the approval from the authority of Switzerland, the Swiss authorities will begin trading in Europe fourth SIX exchange, the exchange value of more than $1 trillion and 600 billion.

ETF provided by Amun AG company

Amun AG is an encryption currency startups, it provides ETF fund will allow institutional investors to invest in the main crypto currencies, such as bitcoin, Ethernet square, reboxetine currency bitcoin, Wright currency, bitcoin cash and diamonds. The company’s CEO and co-founder Hany Rashwan said, the ETF will only provide the opportunity to invest in securities to institutional investors, encryption currency exchange retail investors can not participate in, these are in order to meet the regulation. The chief executive also said that in Switzerland before, the company has been exploring other global 23 destination countries, Switzerland is the most suitable for the final. ETF will allow investors to buy and invest money in the encryption market. When the investors investment fund, the custodian will represent the investors to buy its equivalent encryption currency.

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