Bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion, circle of friends still sell the mill, who is a “leek”?

Risk can be calculated by arithmetic! Leek had never counted, not even think we should calculate.

1 trillion, bitcoin bitcoin evaporation bubble burst, collapse over 70% has become one of the most popular hot news today. Bitcoin fell sharply, but also to the whole market of virtual currency covered most of the heavy haze. “Today you sell?” The coin circles recently greeted the norm.

Bitcoin since spread in China, its market value has experienced the course of development of a roller coaster, until December 2017 of each bitcoin price of more than $19891.99 to reach the peak, today again greatly decline. The rise of bitcoin brings wealth growth myth, but also led to the concept of virtual currency, block chain, digital currency, so that a group of people want to get rich quick.

A colleague, before accidentally contact the virtual currency, then get out of hand, every circle of friends are filled with all kinds of currency terms, their circle of friends mood as currency prices and various policy information synchronization, but contact understanding down after the discovery, the colleague does not own the professional noun virtual currency, block chain had deep understanding of all kinds of information released by the circle of friends is actually his WeChat group others something reproduced, make various shots of others are sent to him, in order to give the circle of friends want to get rich selling machine, earn commissions difference.

There are China bitcoin “richest man” said Li Xiaolai, in the “self cultivation” wrote leek: The poorer people are the desire for money is more intense, so often to rush into danger. In fact, indeed, when the desire for money exceeds a certain limit, in the process of the pursuit of wealth in people tend to automatically shield some bad bad news, take some bold and aggressive approach.

Calculate the cost of risk to consider many factors, the most important of your strength, and then the return risk ratio — you see, where are the same, the most important strength. While the strength from your thoughts and learn what one sees and hears. Bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion, circle of friends still sell the mill, who will be a “leek”? The answer is self-evident.

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