Bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion, mill by catty sale, big cash out, finally cool coins ring

From the market value soared 20 million fold to No one shows any interest in bitcoin, for a period of 9 years. From the price of $19891.99 to $4842, bitcoin only 9 months. With bitcoin plummeted 77%, related industries have also been hit on the pounds, its sale, a large number of media was closed, also in a hurry to cash out coin circle chiefs. As the temperature decreases, the coldest season of the year has come, finally cool coins ring.

To strengthen the supervision of bitcoin plummeted, currency circle is cold

At the beginning of this year, the highest price of bitcoin $19299. As of November 21st, bitcoin price has fallen below $4300, a decrease of 77%, the total market value of the evaporation of 1 trillion and 600 billion. A lot of people with the number of one hundred thousand funds in the high admission, now only less than 2000.

2017 bitcoin is the most crazy year, from $1000 to $19891.99 at the end, bitcoin price as rocket. Nearly $20 thousand worth of bitcoins in a single peak, 100 bitcoin can buy a pager in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen good location, 10 bitcoin can buy a top with Porsche cayenne.

With bitcoin prices skyrocketing, led a large number of related industries take off, mining machinery, mine card, trading platform, bitcoin bitcoin wallet, media etc.. So, there is a group of Huaichuai flourishes dream of “fried currency”. In the glorious deeds of coin circle chiefs under various currency funds into the circle, as if in the coin money ring like pick up roadside litter as easily. This crazy scene, with no predecessors, after converting it.

But the dream of making the rich break with bitcoin price below $4300 coin circle Aihong piece wild “, the scene was desolate. Once buy 2 in case of mine supply station, now the catty sale. Once to mine waiting seats, now to jump off the price of rental No one shows any interest in it. The block chain project hot moment, has disappeared.

With the domestic regulation for digital currency is becoming increasingly strict, a large number of media, letters, related websites and news media have a large number of practitioners to transition. Xue Manzi, Li Xiaolai and other chiefs sell all the coins, and announced that always withdraw money ring. The coin ring for profiteering, will also be scattered by profits disappear.

Where is the road of bitcoin, can revive

From the bitcoin birth date, this year is the tenth year, in the first integer birthday has suffered almost fatal blow”. Many people have started to worry about the future of bitcoin, bitcoins can be revived?

Because the block chain technology, only the bitcoin, bitcoin is just a show in the form of block chain technology. Many industries began to try to use the blockchain technology bring new development, health care, finance, agriculture and so on. Only the digital currency remained in the “speculation” stage, want to rely on a wealth of bitcoin currency speculation “holding the currency funds in the circle of Inner Mongolia eye rush, as long as I heard the new project, the potential of currency to run. It also allows some garbage block chain projects like bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, mature architecture has been copied, pull big platform publicity, to attract investors, money will fall into the pockets of jiaodimayou.

Digital currency was born in mind is to help block chain technology to bring more security, privacy, fast transaction to people, and hope to replace the real currency. While the subsequent development is completely deviated from the road, people only care about the price of digital currency. It is the desire for wealth envy desire, let the virtual currency, more than gold and precious diamonds.

So, how the future development of bitcoin is that it will have “value” concept and the technology itself is well intentioned, but was playing bad. But the current national digital currency regulation elastic different, different attitudes. Most of the time, bitcoin will walk in the gray area, the benign development of unsustainable.

But the world never lacks the circulation medium, is the lack of trust. Bitcoin seems to be fair, the actual admission in China makers had spent. But it also challenges the central authority, a system in the face of a bigger system, no chance of winning.

Some analysts said the next possible bitcoin decline will become aggravated, will soon fall below $1500.

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